Write Every Day. Yes, Really.

I like to write.  Good thing, right?  🙂  At this point, I’m publishing 4 Blaze novels each year, and trying to put out a few novella’s as well in my Karma Cafe series.  A couple of questions that I hear a lot are 1) Do I have a formula to write so much, 2) How do I write as much as I do, and 3) Do I really write every day.

The short answers are no, I just do it, and yes.

The longer answers go like this…

1) Do I have a formula?  No, I really don’t.  I do have a writing process that I’ve developed, honed and embraced over the years, though.  I know what I need to write a story.  I know that I write slower in the beginning, and faster toward the end.  I have finally accepted that the pace at which I end one story will not transfer to the start of the next story (I fought this for a long time.  What?  Why can’t I write the first three chapters at the 15 pages per day pace? Whassup with that?)  But every story is different, even if my writing process is the same.

2) Part of my productivity is knowing, using and not fighting my process.  Part of it is having solid deadlines that mean I have limited procrastination time (given the chance, I am the Queen of Procrastination.  I’d show you my crown but I still haven’t made it. I keep meaning to, though).  And part of it is seeing writing as my job.  It’s what I do, it’s what I am.  I don’t know if its my attitude about it that makes my family so accepting and respectful of my writing time, or if they are just totally awesome, but they are totally on board and supportive, which means I can focus more easily during writing time.

and 3) Yes.  I really, really do write every day.  Okay – so maybe not every day.  I don’t usually write on Christmas or major holidays.  And if I’m sick enough to be stuck in bed, my brain isn’t functioning enough to write.  And I’ll admit to taking a day here and there after I turn a book in to let my imagination recoup.  So really, I’d say I write about 350 days out of the year.  I do write on weekends, and I write when I travel.  In part, it’s easy because I write at night after everyone is in bed.  But mostly I write every day because it’s too hard to get moving again if I stop.  It’s like the general physics rule -an object in motion tends to stay in motion.  It’s kind of like exercise- have you ever been in an exercise habit that is working great for you, then for whatever reason you take a break?  Next thing you know it’s 10 lbs and 8 months later and it’s a nightmare to get back on that treadmill.  So for me, it takes more energy to get started again than to keep going, so even if I just write a few hundred words, or work on a character sketch, or edit previous pages, I am focusing on writing every day.

I think if I had to choose one single piece of writing advice that is the most important to me, it’d be that last one.

Write.  Every day.