presented by Beth Andrews and Tawny Weber


Good critique partners are worth their weight in gold. They prod us into writing that next chapter when the muse refuses, share our enthusiasm for the stories we’re telling, and point out when our heroes just wouldn’t do that. They’re honest and supportive…and bloody hard to find.

Beth Burgoon and Tawny Weber found each other six years ago and now, with six Golden Heart finals between them (three each) and a multiple contracts with Harlequin Blaze (Tawny) and Harlequin SuperRomance (Beth), they know how good they’ve got it.

So how do an emotional romantic suspense writer and a sassy, sexy Blaze author help each other on the road to publication? By nurturing each other’s voices, honing each other’s craft, and appreciating each other’s sense of humor. In this two-week course, they want to help you strengthen your own critique partnerships by showing you the tips, tricks and tools they’ve used to turn two very different subgenres into one very productive partnership.

Whether you’re still searching for your perfect match or looking to strengthen an existing partnership, this course has everything you need to make the most of your crit situation…and two talented ladies to show you the way.