There are as many career possibilities available to authors right now as there are authors willing to pursue them.  And while much is out of our hands when it comes to publishing and sales, one thing writers can do is create a solid foundation to build their career plan around.  Just like in using a plot in writing, using a career plan certainly doesn’t mean cookie cutter careers.  Instead, it’s a map that makes the possibilities and options clear.

In this workshop, Harlequin Blaze senior editor, Brenda Chin and Blaze author Tawny Weber will explore a variety of building blocks, or steps, to use in order to create a powerful writing career.  With the right tools, you can carefully target where you want to take your career, and map your way there.  Whether you want to write books for series, to write more books for series, or to take your writing anywhere else, knowing what you want, and having the skills to get there, are tools all writers need in today’s publishing landscape.