Wild Thing Review: LASR

Humor, mystery, male confusion and female mayhem are only the tip of the iceberg in the two fun stories that make up this delightful and entertaining book.

The next novella, Wild Thing by Tawny Weber, is an incredibly exciting who-done it combined with a whacky and unlikely romance. There are more laughs and passionate sighs in store for readers and it’s guaranteed fun.

Percy is the put upon hero who has gone to the dogs. He’s a macho P. I. who has better, more important things to do, like save his sanity, than search for a spoiled yappy puppy. However his ever faithful and convincing secretary bullies him to do this one last, little, easy, quick and painlessly simple innocuous case. Nothing is ever that smooth and uncomplicated and I was already grinning with anticipation. Sure enough, Percy finds trouble in spades and curves and flashing eyes as he finds the source of all his inner turmoil and personal strife gagged and tied up in a chair. Why is that sweet innocent woman the cause of his internal angst? I’m not saying. It’ll ruin the fun.

Andrea is in a bind – literally. The last person she expects to see is the one that walks through her business’s door. That whole scene is pretty darned funny and again, I’m not going to give details. Suffice to day, it set the tone for the story as well as the conflict, and it makes clear that the push-pull attraction that exists between the heroine and Percy is going to be one of the funniest highlights of the story. And the most rewarding, and hot and very romantic.

The most endearing character is Medusa. I think those dogs are weird looking and certainly Percy starts off in agreement. What’s adorable is how Percy slowly yet inexplicably finds himself changing his perceptions and opinion about the little canine. And the dog’s response to him is pure giggles and sweetness. Ultimately, he becomes a warrior on Medusa’s behalf and it gets pretty exciting.

The mystery is about trying to figure out who is really trying to kidnap the dog. There are a lot of suspects and the answer isn’t a simple one. The author wove a wonderful and interesting criminal plot throughout the story to spice up and complicate Andrea and Percy’s growing relationship.

What the hero does at the end is clever, shifty and downright genius and it turns out to be the best engagement gift a man could give to a woman like Andrea. It’s the key to making their happy ever after possible and it gave me the warm and fuzzies. There were a couple of emotional loose ends that the hero and heroine tied up at the end and the final line in the book was a hoot.

“Wild Thing ended as it began, with a grin. Ms. Weber consistently shares her sense of humor with readers through the antics of her characters and she’s succeeded again. I was thoroughly entertained from beginning to end.

Blazing Bedtime Stories, Volume VII isn’t a book that will put you to sleep, instead those bedtime stories will help you dream saucy and sexy dreams with delicious heroes that know how to love their women. It’s a great read and I recommend this book for any reader who likes a variety of action, heart, mystery with grand and romantic gestures and happily ever afters that satisfy. Ms. Nelson and Ms. Weber sure know their way around romance. ” — Long and Short Reviews