Wild Thing: Fresh Fiction Review

“Andrea Tanner has always felt like the ugly stepsister until she met P.I. hunk Percy Graham. They dated briefly and after a night of passion Andrea flees knowing his naughty reputation with women and because of her insecurities about her body. Percy pursued her for months and finally moved on…until he found her tied up and fuming with her prize dog stolen. Now it’s up to Percy to help her find Medusa and settle his own score with the man who laid hands on Andrea. In the process of justice can the two keep there hands off one another? Can they settle there insecurities?

The story starts out with Percy landing a last minute job “to help pay bills” before leaving on vacation. He’s reminded of a girl he dated a few months ago. He thought things had been perfect between them, they talked, laughed and shared a passionate night and then she vanished. He spent the next few weeks trying to get in touch with her with no luck. He’s more than surprised to find her tied up and fuming at her pet grooming business.

Andrea prayed for her sexy P.I. to rescue her and now here he was standing in front of her. Her true knight in shining armor. But no matter how badly she wants him, she has to keep in mind her own insecurities and his womanizing ways.

Percy thinks he will just find out what he can from Andrea and be on his way. But he learns Medusa was wearing a GPS tracking device and Andrea knows where she is, in order to find her they must work together. This puts the pair running for there lives to protect what Percy deems, a hairless rat. While hiding they rekindle the passion they once shared. It isn’t long before the bad guys catch up and Percy is playing hero once again. After settling the score and gaining some leverage on Medusa’s owners the pair can finally work out there problems.

WILD THING is a fast and delicious read. The characters are captivating and enchanting. You find yourself rooting for them, in finding the man responsible for hurting Andrea and stealing her customers prized pooch, to them finding love and comfort with one another. It was a sweet and charming read. It was another winner from Ms. Weber, who seems to never disappoint her readers.”– Fresh Fiction