• Totally Derailed

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    So last weekend, I sat down with my handy dandy planner and looked at everything I wanted to get done the next week. I made notes and worked on my marketing outline for A SEAL’s Salvation release.  I scheduled extra writing time for A SEAL’s Fantasy so I could get it finished a little early and have extra polishing time before handing it in to my editor.  I even had a nifty to-do list to get me started on my ‘be more organized and streamlined in ’14′ plan.  Woot!!!  I was rocking.

    Monday morning I woke with a vicious pain in my stomach.  By evening my husband dragged me off to the ER, where I proceeded to tell the nurse and doctor that it was nothing, just a part of my getting back in shape and exercising payback.  Being smart ladies they didn’t listen to me and checked things out instead. They had surgery scheduled by midnight and wheeled me off for an emergency appendectomy. The only think keeping me from waving my imagined to-do list in fury was the morphine.

    This is not how I planned to start the new year.  I have way too much to do to lay in bed with my head fogged with pain meds.  But… the best laid plans and all that.  So I’m looking for the bright side.  I’ve caught up on my sleep!  The Dr. didn’t have to cut through my belly button piercing like she was afraid she would.  I’ve lost a couple pounds thanks to no appetite, so I’m still on track with that.  And I’m now so desperate to write and get this story out of my head that nothing will distract me.

    How about you? Is the new year starting off the way you’d planned?  When you’ve had plans derailed, how’d you shift gears?  

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