Throwback Thursday: Sir, Yes, Sir

Here’s a little peek back in time, at Phillip Banks first on-page introduction was in A SEAL’s Fantasy.  He’d been mentioned quite often before, beginning in A SEAL’s Kiss.  But this is his first, yep, there he is in all his hotness, appearance.  This scene is in Dominic Castillo’s point of view, right after he tried to reunite Phillip and his sister, Lara.  Christmas with a SEAL cover

    What was with this family?

     First Banks argued up a storm over seeing his sister. The guy had been through a traumatic situation, between the capture, the rescue and a handful of Navy shrinks poking at his brain to see if it’d gone soft. You’d think he’d want the family connection. That he’d be grateful for a chance to fix things.

     But no. He’d been a total pain in the ass about it. Dominic had had to play dirty to get him there.

     Now Lara?

     First she got irritated that he was fixing her career issues, then she stormed out instead of thanking him for giving her back her brother?

     This day sucked.

     “Why the hell didn’t you say something to keep her here?” he snapped at Banks.

     “What was there to say? Your claim that I owe you got me here, despite my warning you that cozy family reunions aren’t my style. From what I saw, Lara probably issued that same exact advice.” Banks shrugged. “So what would you have me say? The only thing that comes to mind is I told you so.”

     Dominic blinked, his shock holding fury at bay.

     “Did you just say I told you so?”

     What were they? Teenage girls?

     “No. I said that’s the only thing that came to mind.”

Dominic ground his teeth together so hard he swore he could taste enamel. The guy was hell on technicalities.

     “Don’t you want family?” he asked, truly baffled by their behavior. If he’d ever seen two people more in need of connections, it was Lara and her brother. But both of them were fighting like crazy to stay alone.

     “Do you always decide what other people should want?” Banks asked. The guy didn’t sound mad, just faintly curious.

     “When I l… care about someone, I try to make them happy,” Dominic shot back, horrified by the near-slip of the tongue. No l words here. Just a habitual response to an argument he’d had plenty of times in the past, usually with his sisters. When that lame justification did nothing to calm the churning in his belly, he changed topics.

     “She’s not unreasonable,” Dominic muttered. “If I can just get her back in here, she’ll listen.”

     “You know her better than I do.” Banks lips twitched. “I never observed a tendency toward reason and amiability growing up with her, but it has been a few years.”

     Yanking the door open, Dominic paused to stare at the guy.

     “You’re cracking jokes?”

     He hadn’t even realized Banks had a sense of humor. Of all times to show it off, he chose now? Dominic glanced toward the window, wondering if ice was on it’s way from the hell freeze over.

     He shook his head, giving Banks another dark look before turning to go after Lara.

     “A word of advice,” Banks said softly.

     Impatient, brows arched, Dominic looked back.

     “Lara’s right. We’re not what you’d call family, not by most definitions. But if you go after her, do so carefully. You hurt my sister, I might have to take steps.”

     “Jokes and threats?” Dominic observed, suddenly grinning. “You two really are alike.”

Poor guy, he really is uptight 🙂  But kinda appealing all the same, don’t you think?

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  • therese lopez says:

    Your books are so great, i’m working up to get this whole series!! I really love them from all the excerpts i’ve read.