Throwback Thursday: Irish’s First Sighting

Woot!!! A SEAL’s Secret is out in print now 🙂 It’s available for preorder in digital, to be delivered in the wee early hours of 2/1 🙂   The hero in A SEAL’s Secret, Mitch Donovan, is a hottie.  As soon as he made an appearance in Christmas with a SEAL, I knew he’d have to have his own story.  Want a peek at that first in-book appearance?

He was off the mission?A SEAL's Secret cover

Off the mission, and the base?

To talk about security to a bunch of college kids?

Bracing against the avalanche of rage pouring through him, Phillip tried to rein it in. Tried to grab hold of the unmanageable emotions. It was as if the serene flow that had been his carefully planned life had been rerouted to a freaking waterfall. Totally out of control, impossible to navigate.

“For how long, sir?” he asked between tightly clenched teeth.

“First of the year.”

Until the training and the mission were over, Phillip realized. They wanted him out of the way. And apparently off the team wasn’t enough; they were sending him to the other side of the country.

He clenched his fists, channeling all of the anger, all the frustration into his fingers and holding it there, tight.

He didn’t say a word until he was sure he was in command again.

“With all due respect, sir, I’m the best person to lead that mission.” Dammit, he was. He’d been held captive inside that compound for three days. He’d looked that sonofabitch in the eyes while the sick bastard had used his body as a pincushion, trying to extract naval intelligence. He’d survived, dammit. He deserved this mission.


Phillip had spent his entire life respecting the chain of authority. His father was a man who demanded it. His career with the Navy required it. His personality insisted upon it.

He wasn’t an emotional man. Emotions led to drama, and drama was a waste of energy, and a loss of control. Two things he’d always refused to allow.

But refusal didn’t mean jack when faced with the waves of anger—righteous anger, dammit—pounding through his system. The rage that had been bubbling and churning since Guatemala bubbled and boiled, ready to spew.

Thankfully, before it overtook his tenuous control, there was a knock on the door.

At the admiral’s command, another officer entered.

Phillip automatically saluted.

“Lieutenant, this is Lieutenant Commander Donovan.”

Lieutenant Commander Mitch Donovan, a legend among legends.

A man who, until this moment, Phillip had admired. Whose career he’d wanted to emulate.

Phillip’s hands, clasped behind his back, clenched into fists.

Jaw tight, he eyed the man there to take his place. The admiral’s grandson, no less. He didn’t need to hear the rest of the admiral’s words to know DonChristmas with a SEAL coverovan had been brought in to lead the mission to capture Valdero.

If they’d brought Donovan in, the mission was bigger than before.

“Sir, I request permission to serve with my team,” Phillip tried again.

“Negative.” The admiral came around his desk, stopping a foot in front of Phillip and giving him a penetrating stare. “Unless you’d like to add something else to your debriefing that’d be useful to your team, you can stand down.”

Phillip’s jaw worked as he struggled to rein in his anger until he was sure he wouldn’t explode.

His gaze cut to Donovan, expecting to see the same rigid dismissal in his eyes as the admiral’s. Instead, he saw understanding. A hint of sympathy. And a promise. The job would be done. And it would be done right.

Rather than reassuring him, however, it made Phillip all the angrier.

He had to get out of there.

“Lieutenant, you have your orders.” The admiral said. “Dismissed.”

It wasn’t the dismissal that made Phillip do an about-face and walk out.

It was the uncontrollable fury pounding in his temples.

And the barrage of unfamiliar doubts.

About his abilities.

About his career.

About his entire life.


Sooo… what do you think? Totally hot hero material?  Okay, I know Phillip-aka SIR didn’t see him as a hottie *g* But I sure did!