Throwback Thursday: BREAKING THE RULES

breaking the rules coverWhat do you get when you mix a military hero on a mission with an independent artist hell-bent on proving something? A battle that can only be won between the sheets.

 Sophia Castillo is finally calling the shots in her life, and she’s determined to stay in charge. The last thing she needs is a babysitter. Not even a babysitter as sexy as US Army Sergeant First Class and EOD Squad Leader, Maximillian St. James. But when someone is sabotaging her art gallery, she turns to Max for help. When he proves to be a challenge to her independence, she lays down their relationship rules. Hot sex, good times and a lot of laughs are all good. Anything involving their hearts is strictly off limits. Before they catch the vandal, Max and Sophia both have to decide just which rules they are willing to break, and how high a price they are willing to pay.


What was my favorite thing about the characters in this book?

I love Max. He’s a good guy, has great intentions and the women in his life are seriously stressing him out <g> But he’s determined to do the right thing, to keep his promise and to stay true to the rules of conduct he considers important. Sophia is so great for him. Because she’s been hurt badly in the past, she doesn’t fall for the same things many girls do – which makes Max have to work a little harder. But she’s so true to her beliefs and ideals, making her a fabulous match for Max.


Where did I come up with the idea?

 It all started with a four foot penis. Really! I has this image in my mind of an art gallery, and two women trying to move this huge statue. Just as they, you know, get a hold of it, the sexiest guy in the world walks in. The scene pretty well wrote itself after that LOL. And from there, the rest of the story took shape. I’ve always wanted to write a military hero, as a sort of ode to my husband, so this was a great adventure for me.


Wanna see more of Breaking the Rules?  You can check out the excerpt here!