This or That: Last Lines


This week’s This or That contest is Last Lines. For a chance to win let me know in the comments which first lines you like best! All comments are entered in the drawing!!




A SEAL’s Seduction


He took her mouth in a kiss filled with as much passion as it was promises. With as much hope as there was heat.

“What d’ya say we skip dinner?” he said against her lips.

“Sneak around the back?” she suggested, tilting her head toward the glass door leading to the side yard. “My father will have a fit.”

“I live for danger, remember.” Grinning, he slid his arms under her and swept her off her feet.

Still holding her close, he nudged open the French doors and carried her through.

Alexia held on tight, her head snuggled against his chest.

“My hero,” she whispered.





A SEAL’s Surrender


Cade had to close his eyes for a second, he was so overcome by emotions. She was incredible.

“Babe, I love training. It’s like I was made for it. I love being stationary, able to come home to you every night. I love the idea of building a life together, of bringing a new life into the world with you.” He watched the worry fade from her dark gaze, then slid the ring on her finger before kissing her with all the love and passion he had in his heart. When she was breathless and limp, he pulled back to give her his most charming smile. “Bottom line, I love you.”

Eden’s laugh was so soft, it was more a puff of breath over his face than a sound. She cupped his face in both hands and kissed him again.

“My hero.”



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