This or That: Last Lines


This week’s This or That contest is Last Lines. For a chance to win let me know in the comments which first lines you like best! All comments are entered in the drawing!!




Sugar and Spice


Anja lifted one glossy apple from the bowl on the counter and gazed intently at the red skin before taking a bite. Juice exploded in her mouth as she vowed to use every bit of magic at her disposal to counter her mother’s next move.

Life was made up of choices.

And Anja chose magic.








Sweet Nothings


“I know that we’re against the deadline, and I’m not giving up my gift,” Natalia ground out. She looked around the apartment, knowing it was the perfect setting for weaving a love charm strong enough to catch her headstrong daughter. Here, love would grow. It had twice already, for two other couples. It would awake soon for Anja, too.

“Anja will marry before the year is out,” she vowed. “I’ll make sure of it.”






So… This or That? Comment to enter the drawing for a digital copy of either Sugar and Spice or Sweet Nothings, winners’ choice! The winner will be announced on Sunday.