This or That: First Lines


This week’s This or That contest is First Lines. For a chance to win let me know in the comments which excerpt you like best! All comments are entered in the drawing!!




A SEAL’s Salvation


“Genna you’re crazy. You don’t have to do this.”

“Of course I do. You dared me.” Genna Reilly gave her best friend a wide-eyed look. The one she used whenever she wanted to appear extra sweet and innocent.










A SEAL’s Fantasy


There was nothing like a little bare skin to turn twenty adult men into drooling adolescents. Throw in a long, hard pole and a pair of glittery high heels, and they were a sad bunch of throbbing glands.

“Take it off, baby. Show us what you got.”






So… This or That? Comment to enter the drawing for a digital copy of either A SEAL’s Salvation or A SEAL’s Fantasy, winners’ choice! The winner will be announced on Sunday.