This or That: First Lines


This week’s This or That contest is First Lines. For a chance to win let me know in the comments which excerpts you like best! All comments are entered in the drawing!!




A SEAL’s Proposal


Sam Morelli made it his business to be the best.

Even if being the best hurt like hell.

When he was ten, Sam had been so hooked on George of the Jungle that he’d shimmied up the neighbor’s palm tree, grabbed hold of one frond and with a gleeful yodel, swung his way toward the next tree. That he hadn’t killed himself on the ten-foot drop was a flat out miracle. He had broken his collarbone and ended up so bruised and battered that he’d gone trick-or-treating without a mask.

Standing at attention, asphalt burning hot under his booted feet and the blinding sun stabbing painfully into is brain, Sam wished he felt that good right now.





A SEAL’s Sacrifice


Glitter, gloss and glam combined with champagne, music and revelry made for quite a night. Add in dancing and laughter and a rooftop venue lit bright against the San Francisco night sky and it was guaranteed to be a night to remember.

A ballroom filled with people dressed to the nines, booze flowing like water and unobtrusive waiters circling the area with trays of hors d’oeuvres made it that much more special.

Once, this type of party would have been a novelty, but they had become Gwen Kirkpatrick’s norm thanks to Russell Spencer, commodities broker extraordinaire. A year ago she’d been a junior financial analyst for a bank when Russell had lured her to his investment firm with the promise of excitement, challenges and, yes, enough events like this one to guarantee she’d put her evening shoes to good use.



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