This or That: Excerpts


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A SEAL’s Temptation


But maybe he could recalibrate a few of his buddy’s moves, try to drum up a little charm and see if he could fan that spark in Lark’s gaze into a flame.

What could it hurt?

With that in mind, and more tension in his belly than he usually had jumping out of a plane into enemy territory on a pitch-black night, he slowly got to his feet.

Lark jumped when the kiln timer dinged from the other room.

Ready to put those moves into action, Shane crossed to stand in front of her. She rose, too, making him smile that she was so in tune with him. Talk about encouraging.

“This was fun.” He kept his voice low, his eyes locked on hers, letting himself imagine that he was poised over her body, his muscles sliding over the silken softness of her bare flesh.

He watched as her midnight eyes blurred and the pulse pounded against her throat.

“I appreciated the drink.” He took a step closer, watching her hand as she stroked it up, then down, then around the bottle. Heat surged behind his eyes, his entire body going on full alert.

“Uh-huh.” Lark’s expression didn’t change. The desire in her eyes didn’t even flicker.

“Maybe I can return the favor sometime.” He reached out to skim his finger over her face, reveling in silky softness before sliding a jagged strand of hair behind her ear.

“Mmm.” Her gaze shifted from his eyes to his lips, her mouth rounding into a soft O as if she were imagining it on his.

“I should go,” he said, his fingers moving down the side of her throat before wrapping around the chain of her necklace.

“You should?”

She sounded so disappointed that Shane had to grin.

Then she leaned into his hand, making his smile vanish.

Need pounding through him, desire demanding satisfaction, Shane slipped his hand behind her neck, rubbing lightly with his thumb as he focused on her mouth.

Those full pink lips, just waiting for him.

“You know if I kiss you, I won’t stop.”

Her gaze jumped to his, surprise clear in those dark eyes. Then she smiled. A slow, inviting smile that he felt through his entire body.

So he did the only thing he could think of.

He accepted the invitation.




A SEAL’S Salvation


“You need to leave.”


“I don’t think so,” she murmured, her words so quiet they were a whisper on the heavy night air.

He could actually feel his brains start to slip away. Bad news, since he needed them. They were there to remind him to stay away from her. To caution him to keep his hands to himself. To warn him about those male relatives of hers. The ones he was supposed to watch out for. Whatever the hell their names were.

But she was close enough now for him to see the band of midnight encircling her pupils, all the more vivid against the pale blue of her irises.

“You really need to go.” Desperate, he reached out to move her aside. Because if she wasn’t leaving, he was.

But the minute he touched her, all thought of either one of them leaving fled. His fingers curled over the smooth, deliciously soft skin of her upper arms. She was so slender, but he could feel the muscles there. She was so warm, he felt like a tiny piece of him, forever frozen, was melting in his chest.

It was terrifying.

Those fascinating eyes huge and locked on his, she reached out to trail her fingers over his chest. Her touch was so soft and tentative, as if she were petting a wild animal. Or a rabid dog.

Brody wondered if he bared his teeth and growled, would she run?

He should try it.

But those fingers had shorted out his ability to think.

It was as if she’d reached in and flipped the last switch.

Brain, off.

Dick, on.

When she leaned closer, he realized she was the perfect height.

She fit perfectly against his body, her slender curves hitting all his favorite spots.

Her mouth was right there. Waiting.

He dropped his gaze, noting the slight quiver in the full, red cushion of her lower lip. He met her eyes again. No nerves there. Just heat. Pure, hot, intense.


“Kiss me.”

“It’s a bad idea.”

“Sure it is,” she agreed, her gaze not leaving his as she leaned in, closing those last few infinitesimal inches between them. Her breath warmed his mouth just before she brushed the slightest whisper of a kiss against his lips.

“So be bad.”



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