This or That: Excerpts


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A SEAL’s Sacrifice


She liked Russell.

She’d worked with him for two and a half years now, had known him even longer since they’d grown up in the same neighborhood. Russell, Bryanna and their older brother Eli had lived across the street from Gwen, and next door to Bryanna’s fiancé Sam and his brother, Noah.

And unlike Noah had been, Russell was a sweet guy, and a great friend.

And he’d been a great safety net the last few years, a nice buffer against her mom’s matchmak-ing and the idea of dating. Could that have given him the wrong impression? It must have if he was thinking marriage.

Marriage that he was going to propose tonight of all nights.

Could this fiasco get any worse?

Gwen took a long, deep gulp of the foggy San Francisco air, hoping it’d clear her head.
Behind her, someone coughed a quiet bid for attention.

Steeling herself with her best social smile, Gwen turned to offer an excuse or a dismissal. Whichever would get rid of the other person until she got herself together.

As if the heavens had heard her question and mistaken it as a joke, there stood the man she’d never gotten over. One shoulder leaning against a pillar, his crooked smile was as familiar as her dreams.

“Hey, babe. Miss me?”




A SEAL’s Surprise


As his sister led him through the throng of people, Eli’s steps slowed as he noted the number of SEALs, military personnel and old friends milling about. As the center of attention, Blaire and Sam were going to be easy to avoid. But everyone else? His mind raced, searching for alternate distractions.

Anything to keep him from hauling the happy couple together so he could point out all of the reasons that they were making a huge mistake. Something to keep his attention off the almost desperate need to take Sam aside and pound on the guy for the pain he was bound to cause Blaire.

Then Eli looked outside. It was like being hit with a bag of bricks. All of his worries hopped into the backseat, lust taking the wheel. Because if ever a woman deserved his full attention, this one did.

She stood at the edge of the deck, her eyes locked on him. There was no shyness in that gaze, no hesitance. As soon she realized he was staring back, her brow arched and a smile slid over that luscious mouth. She gave him a long, appraising look before tilting her head to one side as if to say, not bad.

He knew that look. His body’s instantaneous reaction assured him that he knew that woman.

He knew every delicious inch of her.

That long black hair would feel like ropes of silk in his hands. Sloe eyes and full lips made a sensual promise—a promise her fantasy-inspiring body more than lived up to.

Macy Berk.

And there it was, he decided with a wicked sense of relief.

His distraction.



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