This or That: Excerpts


This week’s This or That contest is Excerpts. For a chance to win let me know in the comments which excerpts you like best! All comments are entered in the drawing!!




There’s a New Witch in Town


Whoa, baby. Seven years of marriage had not left her equipped to deal with this level of attraction. Then again, she wasn’t sure if she’d ever felt this attracted.

“No, this isn’t a permanent move,” she told him, trying to stay focused on the conversation. “I’m not sure how long I’ll be here.”

“Are you vacationing?”

“More like searching,” she said with a laugh.

“Just what is it you’re searching for?”

How did he make such a simple question sound so suggestive? Visions filled her head, all sexual, all hot, all tempting. She bit her lip, not ready to go in that direction. She eyed the teasing little smile playing over his lips. Ready or not, her body was definitely interested. She wished there was a spell that would protect her from the effects of his charm. Of course, at the rate she was going, if there was and she tried it, she’d likely end up tossing him on the floor and screwing the poor guy’s brains out. Her magic was just that contrary.

“I’m not sure what I’m searching for,” she finally said. “But I think I’m narrowing down the possibilities.”





Sweet Nothings


Bianca looked back at the hottie across the room. He was smiling as he talked to Natalia. And oh, what a smile. It made her tummy do a roller coaster style loop-di-loop.

Suddenly, more than anything, Bianca wanted to be the type of woman who could attract—and handle—a guy like that. The type who went after what she wanted instead of waiting around and wishing. The type who a man would want, would even crave because she was so fascinating. The type a guy thought could make his favorite fantasies come true.

And there was nothing fascinating about sitting quietly in the corner, wondering what it was like to live an exciting life. She was never going to get what she wanted, in life or in bed, just sitting around wishing. As if some fluttery fairy was going to wave a wand and change her life. If she wanted those wishes to come true, she was going to have to get her butt in gear and start making them happen.

Even if those things were a little scary.

Her eyes locked on the hot guy across the room again. He was perfect.



Easygoing, if his chatting with Natalia was any indication.

And an out-of-towner.

Temporary yumminess.

What better guy to practice her sexual skills on?



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