This or That: Excerpts


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Coming on Strong


One more step into his office and Mitch felt like he’d been hit in the face. Maybe it was sex on the brain, but even the air shifted, turning sultry and suggestive. He breathed in, his lungs filling with a musky floral scent. Instant turn on.

Seated as she was in the high-backed leather chair facing the window, all Mitch could see were long, sexy legs ending in strappy black ‘do me’ heels. He tried to swallow, but his mouth had gone dirt dry. Those were wrap around the shoulders and ride-’em-wild legs.

Damn. Talk about distraction.

Mitch flipped his phone closed, not sure if he’d said goodbye or even if his foreman was still talking. He stepped further into the office, deliberately closing the door behind him. Two steps into the room, and he could see around the high back leather of the chair.

Gorgeous. The impact was like getting kicked in the gut by a black belt on steroids. Swift, intense and indefensible. The first time he’d seen Belle, she’d been twenty-one. He’d thought then she couldn’t possibly be more confident in her own sexual power. He’d obviously been wrong, since she was now a master of it. Or was that mistress? And why did that make him crave studded black leather shorts?

Six years had added layers of polish, maturity and assurance to her already powerful sexual charisma. Mitch’s gaze reluctantly left those delicious legs to travel upward. He noted the flirty green skirt, the same shade as her eyes, ending a few inches above her knees. A wide leather belt accented her waist and emphasized her lush breasts in the gossamer soft white blouse. Mitch let his eyes rest there for just a second, millions of regrets pounding in his head. He’d wished like hell that once, just once, he’d tasted their bounty.

He was sure if he had, he’d have easily kept her out of his mind. The only reason he’d never found another woman to replace her was that he’d blown the fantasy of sex between them all out of proportion.

He felt her amusement before he even looked at her face. Belle was used to being ogled, so he didn’t waste time on embarrassment. He wondered briefly at giving her that much power this early in the game, but he couldn’t seem to help himself. That there was a game afoot was implicit. The question wasn’t who would win, either. It was how much it would cost him to play.

She arched one platinum brow, amused challenge clear in her eyes and the dimple that played at the corner of her full lips. Her hair was shorter now, angled to emphasize her rounded cheekbones and the sharp line of her jaw.

“Well, well,” Mitch drawled, moving around to lean on his desk while he faced the biggest mistake of his life. “If it isn’t my long lost bride.”





Feels Like the First Time


As she stared up at him, wishing she could see the color of his eyes in the evening light, his laughter faded. His gaze narrowed and he stepped closer.

“You don’t look like you believe me,” he murmured, his words low and musical.

“I’ve been called challenging plenty of times,” she admitted, her head spinning as her body reacted to the closeness of his. “But never gorgeous.”

“But you are.” He reached out, his hand fisted, and rubbed his knuckles over her cheek. Zoe damn near purred.

“Maybe you just have a leather fetish,” she suggested.

“Maybe I’d like to try a few fetishes with you and see how they feel,” he said, his words low and intense.

The image of the two of them, naked except for his mask and her boots, filled her mind. Zoe swallowed, her pulse racing so fast she felt like it was going to pound its way out of her throat. Was he Brad? Confusion swirled through the desire filling her brain. Hadn’t one of the twins mentioned Brad had gone to England? Was that an English accent? He obviously knew her. She couldn’t imagine any other guy at the reunion would flirt with her like this.

His hand left her cheek. Zoe bit her bottom lip to keep from pouting. Then he wrapped both hands around the edges of the cape he’d wrapped around her shoulders.

The cloth bunched over his fists, he used them to tilt her chin up.

“I’d want you even without the leather,” he said.

Her grin was fast and wicked. “Naked, you mean?”

He groaned, then laughed. Zoe’s heart tripped a little. So few guys could handle her smart mouth, let alone appreciate it while they were trying to make a move. But Super Sexy? He just shook his head and grinned. His lips still curved with humor, he held her gaze captive as he lowered his mouth.

Her breath caught. Then her mind went blank.



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