This or That: Excerpts

This week’s This or That contest is Excerpts. For a chance to win let me know in the comments which first lines you like best! All comments are entered in the drawing!!



Sex, Lies and Midnight


“I need to get this out of the way,” he said quietly. “It’s got nothing to do with the deal, and everything to do with how I’m feeling.”

She shook her head, looking like she wanted to protest. But instead her fingers dug into his shoulders.

Hips brushing a tempting invitation against hers, his hands smoothed down the tiny curve of her waist to the sweet roundness of her hips. Her breath shuddered, just a little. Simon almost groaned aloud. She was so delicious. Was the reality of her as tasty as the promise?

Totally forgetting his plan—hell, his own name—Simon pulled her closer, so their bodies were close. So close, but not quite touching. Her warm scent wrapped around him like its own caress, making his mouth water, his dick harden.

Crazy, he thought, as he leaned down to take her mouth with his.

Their lips brushed, soft and sweet. Just this side of innocent. Safe, he told himself. A Happy Holidays kind of kiss. Totally acceptable.

Then she made this tiny sound. Somewhere between a purr and a growl, deep in her throat.

And he lost it.

His mouth took hers. His tongue slipped between her full lips, taking hers in a dance as old as time. He coaxed, he battled, he challenged. And damned if she didn’t do exactly the same.





Breaking the Rules


Did anything say professional like two women wrapped around a preposterously proportioned penis?

Could this get any more humiliating? With a quick wince, Sophia pushed her dark hair off her face and, hoping for the best, straightened the collar of her ruffled poet’s blouse before turning around. It only took two seconds for her blood to heat. For her heart to race. Breath catching in her chest, she stared.

It was him. Her fantasy guy. The sexy soldier from Rico’s picture. And he was even better live and in person. Cut military-short, his mahogany hair glinted with hints of red. Laughter danced in his deeply, intense melt-her-heart brown eyes as they met hers.

Sophia wet her suddenly parched lips and tried to catch her breath. His gaze shifted from amusement to masculine appreciation, the look making her stomach jitter. The man was pure, three-dimensional nirvana. The long sleeves of his blue pinstriped button up shirt couldn’t disguise his wide shoulders, his muscled biceps.

He was like a dream come to life. And maybe, she pressed her hand against her stomach, just maybe she wasn’t ready to try and handle dreams in real life. They were so much safer in pictures.

It was like getting hit with a sexual force-field. Towering a good four inches over her five-foot-ten in heels self, he exuded power. Charisma. Pure sexual energy.

“Can I have you–I mean, help you?”




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