This or That: Last Lines


This week’s This or That contest is Last Lines. For a chance to win let me know in the comments which first lines you like best! All comments are entered in the drawing!!




A SEAL’s Desire


She’d stepped forward, to give him everything. She was giving him the dreams he’d been afraid of dreaming.

“I’ll make you happy,” he promised, finally letting himself touch her, his fingers whisper soft as they trailed over her cheek.

“We’ll make each other happy,” she promised.

“Forever.” His mouth brushed hers, echoing the promise. “We’ve got forever together.”







A SEAL’s Touch


As the sun set behind them in watercolor streaks of orange, purple and gold, Taylor pulled her onto his lap and took her mouth in a kiss that made her heart sigh and her body hum.

“So…” he said after he’d reluctantly pulled his lips away. “You were going to tell me about your day?”

“It was a day for dreams come true.” She slid her palm over his stubble-roughened cheek and smiled. “Dreams do come true.”





So… This or That? Comment to enter the drawing for a digital copy of either A SEAL’s Desire or A SEAL’s Touch, winners’ choice! The winner will be announced on Sunday.