Teaser Tuesday: Sweet Nothings


Karma Café, Book 2


Brilliant ! Absolutely brilliant!!! A saucy, sassy, sexy, magical Snow White retelling. If you like romance, sexy reads, fairy tales, Snow White, Tawny Weber, whatever, you don’t want to miss this book… There are quite a few fairy tale retellings around, but this is the best by far I have ever read. Joy, happiness on your ereader; an absolute delight, definitely not to be missed. Seriously.” — 5-Stars, Amazon Review by Monique D


Here’s an excerpt from Sweet Nothings

There was delicious, and then there was delicious.

Crowded around a café table with seven chattering women who looked at her as a combination of their favorite little sister and a kid to be protected was probably the wrong time to fall into deep lust.

Still, Bianca Snow eyed the golden crust of the apple tart in the dessert display next to her table. Her gaze shifted to the sexy guy across the room. She wasn’t sure which she’d rather nibble on first.

She shouldn’t be hungry for either.

She’d just eaten a yummy bowl of rich minestrone soup with a homemade yeast roll.

So she should be full.

Last week, she’d been dumped by yet another jerk who subscribed to the idiot mindset that good girls didn’t. Didn’t have needs, didn’t have wants, didn’t have the utter gall to suggest a little hanky-panky after a tenth date.

A suggestion that’d taken her eight dates to work up the nerve to make.

She should be jaded.

But both the tart and the guy were making her mouth water.

Because the guy across the room was hot. Not in the usual, fancy CEO or snazzy lawyer way so common in this part of San Francisco. Although his pricey shoes and leather jacket said he’d probably hold his own with their income bracket. Sun-streaked brown hair shagged around his face like he’d been too distracted to get it cut. His face was made up of sharp angles, his lips full and even across the room, his eyes held an intensity that made her shiver, even though she couldn’t tell their color.

Every time he looked at her, she got a tingle. The kind that made her want to walk across the crowded cafe and ask him if he preferred his women covered in chocolate, whipped cream, or both.

Except she didn’t do that kind of thing. She didn’t approach men, she didn’t ask them out, and she’d never found a guy who thought of her in dessert-terms.