Teaser Tuesday: Naughty Christmas Nights




Naughty Christmas Nights is a cute, sassy and entertaining story. The romance is solid, Gage and Hailey were fun to get to know and the conflict was light yet effective. This is the kind of book that’s easy to read, delivers plenty of smiles and laughs and makes a person feel good after reading it. Naughty Christmas Nights is a definite recommend.” Long and Short Reviews


Here’s an excerpt from Naughty Christmas Nights

“Go, go,” Hailey encouraged with a little wave of her hand. She wasn’t really shooing him away, so much as making room for The Grinch.

Oh, baby, she sighed as he stopped next to her. He was even yummier up close and personal. A faint shadow darkened his chin, making her wonder if he was one of those guys blessed with a luxurious pelt of chest hair. She’d always wanted to get close enough to a guy like that so she could bury her face in the silky warmth and snuggle.

Her fingers itched to tug the zipper of his costume down and see for herself.

“Hello.” The greeting was accompanied by a smile that, for all its charm, edged just this side of wicked.

His eyes were dark, so dark they seemed black in the party lights, with thick lashes and slashing brows. And they were staring at her with an intensity that made her want to check herself to make sure nothing had fallen out.

“Hi,” she said, giving him a bright smile. At a delicate five-one, which was why the elf costume had been so inspired, she had to tilt her head back a little to see his face. Bells jingled. At first she wondered if that was a sign from Cupid. Then she remembered that it was Christmas, not Valentines. And that she was wearing bells on her hat.

“I’m Gage,” he murmured, taking her hand.

“Hailey,” she said on a sigh as her fingers were engulfed by his. He was warm. Strong and gentle at the same time, and his skin felt so good she didn’t want to pull away.

Her usual nerves at meeting a gorgeous, sexy man were nowhere to be found. Probably doing the backstroke through a river of champagne. But she wasn’t drunk enough to do anything stupid, like unzip his costume with her lips right here in the middle of the ballroom.

After all, she didn’t want hair between her teeth.

“What do you think of the party?” he asked, not taking those intense eyes off of her as he tilted his head to indicate the room. It was as if he was looking past her cheerful smile and holiday bells into her soul, where he could peek at all of the secrets she hid there. Like her dreams. Her darkest, sexiest fantasies. And every single one of her fears.

That was both sexy as hell, and the scariest thing she’d ever imagined.

“The party’s great,” she said, nerves starting to poke through the champagne bubbles. “I thought it was a fun theme, coming as your favorite holiday character. At least I did until I saw the guy dressed as a pair of Christmas balls waving his candy cane around.”

The words echoed in Hailey’s head as she realized what she’d said. Eyes wide with horror, she slapped her hand over her mouth. Not that she could take the words back, but maybe it’d help slow down the next stupid thing she tried to blurt out.

Gorgeous Gage the Grinch just laughed, though. A deep full-bodied sound that eased her fear and made her grin right back. His gaze changed, softened, with his amusement. He was still sexy as all get out, but now he seemed real. Not quite so much like a sexual fantasy sent to rip away all her inhibitions. More like an intriguingly attractive man who made her want to toss them away on her own.

“I guess I don’t have to ask if you’ve been entertained by the various displays here this evening.”

A movement across the room caught her eye. Hailey shifted her gaze, noting Jared, flanked by Trent and Mr. Rudolph, heading toward the door. He looked frantic, doing a subtle wave of his hand behind his boss’s back and jerking his head around. Either he was trying to give her a message, or he was being hauled off against his will.

She tilted her head, trying to figure out what he was saying. Then she realized he was pointing at Gage and mouthing something. She gave a helpless shrug, totally clueless. His disgusted sigh came across loud and clear though, then he held his hand to his ear, thumb and pinky outstretched.

Call him.

Then, just as he was swept out the door by a jolly old man, he jabbed his fingers toward Trent.

“Looking for that pair of Christmas balls?” Gage teased, pulling her attention back to him.

“Oh, sorry,” she said with an abashed grimace. “It’s just so distracting here. Like a circus, but instead of performing animals, it’s a bizarre fashion statement, all wrapped in holiday tinsel.”

“And you’re not into bizarre?”

Hailey arched her brow. Why did that sound as if he’d just passed judgment and she’d somehow failed?

“Should I be?”

“Hardly. Bizarre generally means weird and confusing. I’m not a fan of confusion.”

“And the holidays?” she asked, gesturing to his costume. “Are they high on your list, or is your heart three sizes too small?”

He opened his mouth, then shook his head and shut it with a grin. “I’ll skip over any size comparisons, if you don’t mind.”