Teaser Tuesday: Going Down Hard



“Scintillating suspense and a couple not looking for romance but finding one-highlight GOING DOWN HARD. Even as readers fan themselves over the scorching love scenes, one will be trying to piece together the clues as to who the bad guy is.” — Romance Reviews


Here’s an excerpt from Going Down Hard

“Sure, the police wrote a report,” Sierra said.  “But that was just for form, you know?  Poor taste and tacky sex fetishes aren’t a crime, as I’m sure you know.”

Reece’s blue eyes sparkled in wicked delight at her dig.  Sierra’s lips twitched, but she kept her expression smooth.  No point letting him know she was tickled that he’d understood her humor.

“They asked you for a list of suspects?”

“Of course.”  At his pointed look she rolled her eyes and shrugged.  “I have no suspects.  If I had a clue who was doing this I’d go beat them over the head with their own computer.”

“Ex-boyfriends, old lovers, new lovers.  Guys you’ve jilted, guys you’ve scorned, guys you’ve shot down?”

“Oh yeah, the list was pages long,” Sierra said with a wide-eyed look as she pursed her lips in a way she knew would get his attention.  “I was with four different guys last week, but since the Galaxy Soccer team is on the road, they figured it wasn’t them.”

So it was all bullshit.  She wasn’t going to discuss her sex life with Reece.  Duh.  She obviously wasn’t doing a soccer team.  And she wasn’t about to admit she hadn’t had sex or anything approaching a relationship since she’d slipped up and given in to lust two months ago.  In her attempt to distract him from discovering Belle sneaking around Mitch’s office, she’d lost control of her argument with Reece and they’d ended up doing the nasty.

Just another reason to stay away from him.  She never triumphed in their little verbal skirmishes.  Even when she won.

The memory of their against-the-wall encounter made her squirm, her silk panties growing uncomfortably warm.  Needing to cool off, she grabbed her margarita and drained the deliciously icy concoction in one gulp.

Letting the sugar-laden tequila calm her, she met Reece’s eyes with a raised-brow look of her own.

No.  He didn’t need any encouragement.  After all, she knew firsthand how little stroking his… ego needed to expand to mammoth proportions.






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