Teaser Tuesday: Feels Like the First Time




“Ms. Weber has once again crafted an alluring romance and a fabulous read. FEELS LIKE THE FIRST TIME ignites a well-fed fire, and the heat just keeps us coming back for more.” – NovelTalk

FLFT: Review “Feels Like the First Time is scandalous fun for the voracious reader. The story moves quickly, smoothly, and with enough heat to burn your fingers as you turn the pages.” – A Romance Review


Here’s an excerpt from Feels Like the First Time:

The image of the two of them naked except for his mask and her boots filled her mind. Zoe swallowed, her pulse racing so fast she felt as though it was going to pound its way out of her throat. Was he Brad after all? Confusion swirled through the desire filling her brain. Hadn’t one of the twins mentioned Brad had gone to England? Was that an English accent? He obviously knew her. She couldn’t imagine any other guy at the reunion would flirt with her like this.

His hand left her cheek. Zoe bit her bottom lip to keep from pouting. Then he wrapped both hands around the edges of the cape he’d draped around her shoulders.

The cloth still bunched over his fists, he used them to tilt her chin up.

“I’d want you even without the leather,” he said.

Her grin was fast and wicked. “Naked, you mean?”

He groaned, then laughed. Zoe’s heart tripped a little. So few guys could handle her smart mouth, let alone appreciate it while they were trying to make a move. But Mr. Supersexy? He just shook his head and grinned. His lips still curved with humor, he held her gaze captive as he lowered his mouth.

Her breath caught. Then her mind went blank.

His lips rubbed gently over hers. Warm, soft, intoxicating. Almost sweet, except for the sexual flare of heat zinging through her body. Her nipples hardened, her legs went lax. She grabbed his waist for support, her head falling back as he shifted from soft and sweet to hard and wild.

Zoe gasped, instantly aching and wet as his tongue took hers. She’d never had a kiss like this—so hungry and intense, she could barely keep up. Instead of trying, she gave herself over to the power of his demanding mouth. Let herself freefall with the swirling passion tightening in her belly.

Who knew the wrong costume could garner such a perfect prize?

Dex pulled back from the kiss, his mind blown to bits. Damn. He’d finally found something—someone—to shut his always churning brain off.

“Come up to my room,” he blurted out. Then he cringed. Great, Drake. First time you’ve seen her in ten years and five minutes after saying hello you hit on her. You haven’t even told her who you are and you’re trying to get your best friend naked so you can nibble your way up and down her body.