Teaser Tuesday: Decadent Desires


Karma Café, Book 3


I am loving this series! MS Weber knows how to pull a reader in with her sensual stories that have characters that you will fall in love with and fabulous settings. We are back at the Karma Café with the three witches who know how to bake and how to help people fall in love … This is a book that I thoroughly would recommend. It really is fabulous, it definitely had me smiling and sighing.” — 5-Stars, Goodreads Review by Helen


Here’s an excerpt from Decadent Desires

Over the course of his career, Samson Phillips had fought dragons, battled evil wizards and led a team of Orcs in an epic war against the Troll King. He was considered the master of magic by many, had a bone deep respect for the craft and all it encompassed.

But as he strode up the sidewalk to the cleverly displayed windows banking the doors of Karma Café, he realized that this was the first time in his life that he’d gone to a trio of witches seeking help in awakening a princess.

Of course, his battles had all been in the books he wrote. This one was real life. He was looking forward to seeing how it played out.

He breathed deep the soft air as the fog rolled in off the San Francisco Bay and wrapped around him like a welcoming hug. Even though the ocean breeze carried a chill, the morning was still warmer than he was used to in the small town of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, but felt good.

Everything felt good, he decided, gauging the energy around him. Passersby smiled as they made their way down the crowded sidewalk. The sun beamed rays through air moistened by the sea as it shimmered over green hills. And his gut said he was making the right move.

Yeah. That was good energy.

Time to see what he could do with it.

He grasped the brass handle of the heavy oak door and stepped into the café. His senses immediately hit overload at the scent of yeast and sugar, spiced apples and cinnamon over a hint of something savory and mouthwatering.

Most of the dozen or so tables were taken, their curvy chairs holding patrons in everything from business suits to tie dye. Along the far wall was a glass case filled with every sort of baked delight imaginable.

And speaking of delights, there was one right there manning the cash register. Sam strode over with a wide grin, seriously thrilled to see the sloe eyed beauty. With her onyx curls pulled back from that perfect face so they fell like a cloak down her back, Anja Karmanski was a woman of beauty and power.

And a complete sweetheart.

They’d known each other since they were kids, and despite living on opposite coasts, had stayed friends all that time. Friends only, which he’d stopped regretting as soon as he realized in his late teens that for all of Anja’s good traits, she wasn’t the one for him.

That didn’t stop the quick stab of regret when she saw him. Those dark eyes widened with surprise before she sent him a stunning smile.

Someday, some man was going to be very lucky.

“Sam. What are you doing here?” she asked with a husky laugh and a glint in her eyes as she leaned over the counter to grab both of his hands in hers and pull him into a hug. Despite the countertop jabbing him in the gut, Sam held tight for a second. Then, leaning back, he gave her a wink.