Teaser Tuesday: Christmas with a SEAL



“Beautiful and Touching: How a Broken Man Gets his First Real Christmas: I like the direction in which Ms. Weber SEALs series has been going in the past few books. Far from being angsty and dark, the author delves more into the characters’ psyches and I think it adds to the romance, making it more believable, and dare I say, more romantic because it’s more than pretty people seducing each other and having sex concluding with their happily ever after. The author’s writing style gets better with every book: CHRISTMAS WITH A SEAL is gorgeously written, and the outside world stopped for me for the duration of the book; I was completely captivated by the story. What more can you ask for!” Fresh Fiction


Here’s an excerpt from Christmas with a SEAL

Frankie held her breath, her heart beating so hard she was surprised her dress wasn’t shaking. Eyes wide, she waited to see what he’d do. After a second he glanced at the door leading back to the party. She tried not to pout, sure he was about to refuse.

Then, with a small frown, he set down the champagne bottle and held out one hand.

Look at how he made it like it was his idea. She grinned as she placed her hand in his and let him lead her out of view of the door. Maybe it was breeding, the mark of a high society gentleman. Of course, Phillip Banks of the Maryland Banks was high society through and through.

Kinda like a prince.

Which given her status in that same state, made her a pauper.

She wiggled her toes in her beribboned Lucite heels, figuring she could rock the role of Cinderella for just one night.

They reached the far side of the patio, a bronze fire pit casting a magical glow as Phillip faced her, his hand curling around her waist.

Amusement fled.

So did thought.

All Frankie could do was feel.

Staring into his brilliant green eyes, she gave over to the delight, loving everything that was going on in her body.



And a sexual rush that was doing wild things to her insides.

Tingling things. Wet, hot things.

Things that made her wonder what it’d be like to strip naked and see what other moves he had.

The beat changed. Phillip’s arched brow was her only warning before he twirled her out, then pulled her back into his arms.

Oh, baby.






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