Teaser Tuesday: A SEAL’s Temptation



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“A SEAL’S TEMPTATION is a fresh and sexy romance with deeper undertones as Lark and Shane must face some of their personal issues. Ms. Weber’s writing is better than ever, and the dialogue and banter between the characters are even stronger than before, which is saying a lot because it has always been Tawny Weber’s forte. A SEAL’S TEMPTATION creeps up on you and will keep you riveted until the last page because it is one of the loveliest sexy contemporary romances I have read in a while!” ~Fresh Fiction

Here’s an excerpt from A SEAL’s Temptation:

Figuring it was the stripper—no, no the brother, she corrected—Lark took her time finishing up before heading out to meet Shane and decide if he had the body to justify her stripping theory.

Oh, my.

He was gorgeous.

Wasn’t he gorgeous?

She thought so, but the room had taken a nice, slow spin, which she was sure accounted for the sudden dizziness filling her head and the odd tightness in her belly. Resting her hand on the door frame, Lark blinked a couple of times so she could see him more clearly.

And oh, boy, was she glad she did.

Because she’d been right. He was gorgeous. Sara hadn’t exaggerated—he definitely had a little Greek god in there somewhere.

Tall, close to a foot over her own five-four, he had a swimmer’s build. Broad shoulders, a slender waist and long, long legs. The kind of body that would look mighty sweet naked but for a gleaming coat of oil.

His dark brown hair was cut super short, the top spiked in a way that looked as if he’d run his hands through its thickness while it was wet and left it at that. Unlike Sara’s round sweetness, her brother’s face was narrow, with slashing brows and a full mouth.

Oh, that mouth. Those lips. Mmm. Lark wet her lips while imagining doing the same to his. She was pretty sure she could spend hours nibbling on that bottom lip of his and still not be satisfied.

She’d bet if he were doing the nibbling, her satisfaction would be guaranteed. She didn’t know if it was all the talk of sex today, or if he was simply the most desirable man she’d ever seen in her life. Either or both got credit for the images flooding her mind.

The two of them, naked. Oh yeah, she’d bet he was even better naked. Long, lean and luscious, he’d know what to do with his body. Better yet, he’d know what to do with hers. She’d bet he could do things she’d only read about in those sexy romance novels.

“Lark, hey,” Sara said in a bouncy tone, her arm hooked through her brother’s as she pulled him across the room. “I am so excited. I finally get to introduce you to my favorite person in the whole world.”

Lark hurried over to the checkout counter, hoping it’d be enough to prevent her from jumping him while his little sister was in the room. Jumping a guy before they were actually introduced was just rude.

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