Teaser Tuesday: A SEAL’s Salvation



“Filled with humor, realistic characters, physical and emotional healing, family dynamics, small town issues, romance and a one-of-a-kind love, this story is sure to steal your heart. I am a huge fan of Ms. Weber and her Navy SEALs and eagerly await her next installment to this tantalizing series. If you enjoy stories that quickly draw you in, with plenty of humor, heat and hunky men, this is the book for you. Definitely a Recommended Read!” 5 Blue Ribbon Recommended Read — Romance Junkies


Here’s an excerpt from A SEAL’s Salvation

Oh, my.

The years had been kind, indeed, to Brody Lane.

Even as his expression folded into a scowl when he realized she wasn’t who he’d expected to see at his door, Genna couldn’t stop staring.

It was as if Mother Nature had looked at the perfection that had been him at nineteen and decided to add a few layers of oh, baby gorgeousness to her work of art.

Arresting before with its sharp planes and brooding features, his face was more intense now. Even sharper, despite being unshaven and shadowed. His eyes were just as striking, like molten gold. They’d always been distant, except when he’d smiled. But now there was a chasm there, as though he was watching from miles away. Assessing. Her, the situation, their past, present and future, all without blinking.

It was kinda scary. Not sure what he was seeing, or more important, what he thought about what he was seeing, Genna bit her lip.

It was nerves as much as curiosity that made her peel her gaze from his to check out his body. And what a body it was.

Broad and muscular, his chest and shoulders looked as though they were sculpted from marble under his black tee. He still had that lean build, his waist tapering to slender hips.

Her eyes dropped lower and she gulped.

Oh, my, the blue cotton sweatpants did nothing to hide the muscle between his legs, either.

Little dots danced in front of her eyes. She realized she’d forgotten to breath.

A gulp of air cleared the dizziness, but the tingling didn’t go away.

He was… Wow.

The things he could do with that body, she’d bet they were nothing short of amazing. And she wasn’t just talking military things. Her mouth was dry and she was starting to feel a little dizzy again.

So she forced her gaze to climb back up to his face.

His unwelcoming scowl had turned into a ferocious frown.

She wrinkled her nose. She should have kept checking out the bod. He obviously wasn’t thrilled to have company.

So what else was new?

“Hi, Brody. I brought you some cookies.” As greetings went, it was lame. But she added her best smile. When that had no reaction, she held up the plate as proof. And, yes, as a bribe.

He didn’t even look at the plate. Her lips threatened to drop into a pout.

“Um, it’s me. Genna.” She paused, brows arched. She tried a friendly smile that was only a little shaky with nerves. When he didn’t even blink, she swallowed hard, then added, “Joe’s sister.”

Your favorite pen pal, she wanted to say. But given his reaction so far, she was a little afraid to bring that up.

Genna waited. After five seconds, her smile dimmed. At thirty, she was straight-up frowning. Knowing a glare was imminent at sixty, she crossed her arms over her chest, the cookie plate hitting her in the shoulder, and lifted her chin.

“Well? Aren’t you even going to say hello?”

Now her scowl matched his.

So much for dating. She couldn’t even get the guy to talk to her.






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