Teaser Tuesday: A SEAL’s Pleasure


Enjoy this sexy fan-favorite novel from New York Times bestselling author Tawny Weber!


“This is a great read and will have you sweating and fanning yourself. So, so, so good! I loved it!!! But, how can you not love a hot, alpha SEAL with a gentle heart?” —Southern Yankee Book Reviews


Here’s an excerpt from A SEAL’s Pleasure

“There’s nothing prettier than a woman who’s mastered the art of body English.”

Dammit all to hell.

Tessa’s heart jumped. She couldn’t stop its silly reaction, but she made sure it didn’t show. She didn’t straighten. She didn’t let her expression change. She simply lifted her gaze from the soothing expanse of green felt to the disturbing view on the other side of the pool table.

Dear lord, Gabriel Thorne took tall, dark and handsome to unbelievable lengths. From the broad expanse of well-muscled shoulders to the tips of his size fourteen boots polished to a high gloss, he exuded strength. The sharp angles if his face with its knife-edged cheekbones and golden skin contrasted against hair so black it gleamed blue and eyes just as dark.

Why did he have to be so freaking perfect?

Good-looking guys were a dime a dozen. Tessa was so jaded that sex appeal barely registered anymore. Power? It still inspired a little ping of sexual awareness in her belly but it was easy enough to ignore if she wanted.

But all three in a single man?

Almost irresistible.


Gabriel Thorne, or Romeo as he was more suitably called, had one irredeemable strike against him.

He was actually Chief Petty Officer Gabriel Thorne.

U.S. Navy SEAL.

Her stomach churned.

And the only thing higher on Tessa’s off-limits list than a military man was a man so dedicated to the military that he devoted his life to becoming the best in order to serve in it.