Teaser Tuesday: A SEAL’s Fantasy Recipe

Lara's Posole

One of the yummy meals mentioned in A SEAL’s Fantasy was spent with Dominic’s rowdy family and included “Roast, potatoes, enchiladas, a delicious soup called posole and an array of vegetables to make any growing kid sprout up healthy.”

Here’s Lara’s posole recipe for you to try out if you’d like.  You can get the printable version here.  You do have to be a Red Hot Reader to access the recipe files, but there are so many great recipes there, along with first chapter excerpts, free reads and Red Hot Reader Only contests, what have you got to lose by checking it out?

Want to see the scene that inspired this posole recipe?  

     Lara rested her head on the seatback and watched the lights of the house and outbuildings fade into the distance.

     Dominic’s family actually liked her.

     What an odd concept.

     Her own family didn’t think she was awesome.

     Maybe that’s why she had never, in her seventeen years with them, once relaxed and simply enjoyed herself like she had tonight.

     She’d talked security systems with Lucas.

     Discussed dance with Celia.

A SEAL's Fantasy cover

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     Mrs. Castillo had given her the posole recipe, insisting that a pot of soup could keep a pretty girl like her in meals for a week. Lara still wasn’t sure what hominy was, but she was going to give it a try.

     What a weekend.

     Incredible sex, followed by the attack of the goon guy. A motorcycle ride through scenic California, then more incredible sex. An entire day of even more incredible sex. Then that dinner.

     Enjoying the smooth satisfaction, Lara followed Dominic out of the truck and into his cabin. Inside, he hit that button that locked the place up again. It made sense now. His home was protected by the best Castillo Security had to offer. She barely resisted asking if she could poke around his security panel.

     “You look happy,” he said, tossing his keys on the counter. “You have fun tonight?”

     Hands empty now, he reached out and pulled her close.

     “Yeah,” she decided. “I did have fun.”

     Her smile shifted from satisfied to seductive as Lara leaned into Dominic’s body. His chest was hard against her breasts, his thighs braced as if he was ready to rock.

     “How fun?” he asked in a husky tone, his hands cupping her butt to pull her tight against his growing erection. Lara gave a little hip swivel, just to up the stakes, then brushed her lips over his.

     “Fun enough that I don’t know how you’re going to top it tonight,” she said against his mouth.

     Dominic swiped his tongue over her lips, then said, “Why don’t we see what I can come up with.”

Hmmm, I know what he came up with 😉 Want to find out for yourself? A SEAL’s Fantasy is on sale now!

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  • therese lopez says:

    Sounds like a very steamy book. This is a book I will have to put on my list to buy and soon!!!