Teaser Tuesday: A SEAL’s Fantasy






“The story is well constructed, solid, believable, very deftly written, featuring the author’s trademark humour, and the dialogue is spot-on…Tawny Weber remains THE class act when it comes to contemporary romance.” ~ Fresh Fiction

Here’s an excerpt from A SEAL’s Fantasy:

A movement in the front row caught Lara’s eye.

Her gaze shifted to the left.

Oh my. A little breathless, and not from the dance steps, her smile dimmed a little.

He was gorgeous.

Dark, intense and emitting such a gimme vibe that she was grateful that the sequins of her bra kept her nipples from showing.

He was big. Big enough to loom over the guys in the seats around him.

He was sexy. The kind of sexy that made her knees weak and her tummy shake. The kind of sexy that made her want to promise anything, for just one taste.

But she’d learned the hard way that every bite, nibble or lick cost a girl. And there was nothing she was willing to pay anymore. The good times just weren’t that good.

Dance, she told herself.

Focus on the dance.

Next to her, Sheri putt in enough extra shimmy that the beaded fringe of her bra swung in circles. Lara was impressed. Used to working the late show, the statuesque blonde had a gift for swinging her pasties, but the costume top was a lot heavier than a tiny flap of fabric and a few dangling glitters.

Without thinking, her gaze shifted to the sexy guy in the audience to see if he was impressed, too. But despite the blinding lights, she could tell his eyes were still locked on her. It was unnerving. Flattering. And one hell of a turn on.

Let it go, she told herself. Thankfully, the music changed and Lara led the chorus line in a swirling series of steps, upstage, then right, then back.

She’d seen plenty of gorgeous men in her time. Dancers didn’t have to be pretty, but many of them were. Especially the guys. Of course, most of them were only interested in the other pretty guys, but that was beside the point. They were still plenty hot.

So hot wasn’t worth wasting her thoughts on.

And sexy was pure trouble.

Now on the opposite side of the room, she felt safe looking at him again.

But oh, what a yummy mouthful of trouble he’d be.

It was probably the long, dry spell without sex that had her getting all wet and wild over a guy whose face she couldn’t even see clearly. Maybe she should break open her piggy bank and hit the toy store. An adult toy might take the edge off.

And, more importantly, keep her from thinking about doing anything stupid.

She had plenty to think about already. She had goals, big goals. Goals she was this close to making a reality. And those goals required every single one of her thoughts.

So, sorry gorgeous guy. None for you.

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