Love Books?  Love Sharing the book love?

Then check out the Sassy Sweethearts!   The Sassy Sweethearts, a fabulously fun group filled with wonderful readers and great people who enjoy spreading the word about their favorite books!

The Sassy Sweethearts

The Sassy Sweethearts is focused on spreading the word about Tawny’s books.  This group’s focus is on reviewing Tawny’s books and sharing those reviews as well as other fun and book release info.

Sassy Sweethearts Benefits:

    • Early digital copy of new releases for review
    • Digital copy of backlist of the month for review
    • Exclusive Sweetheart get together and/or party at any in-person event
    • Exclusive insider info and pre-release insights
    • Exlcusive Sassy Sweetheart Contests and givewaways
    • Promotional goodies and gifts

Sassy Sweetheart requirements:

  • Need to be a reviewer on Amazon and Goodreads, although reviews at other places are very welcome as well (blog, B&N, iBooks, Kobo, review site, etc)
  • Must be able to use Google Sheet to track reviews, make requests, etc
  • Books are provided in digital format, so must be comfortable reading in mobi, epub or pdf
  • In addition to reviewing, Sweethearts must be comfortable and willing to share the book love either in person or through their social media accounts.

If you’re interested in joining The Sassy Sweethearts Team, apply here