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The Sassy Sweethearts have two comfy homes on the web. Both are all about sharing the book love, supporting and spreading the word about my books. And both are social with chitchat and insider info and everyone is welcome to join either or both groups.   The Team Focus is a little different in each place.

The Sassy Sweethearts Facebook Group focuses on social networking and online book love with weekly ‘missions’, Member Rewards and fun sharing.   If you’re on social media and like to spread the book love through sharing, tweeting, etc then the Facebook Group is the place for you.  You are welcome to join here.


On the other hand, if you’re a review loving reader and love to post reviews about the books you read, you might want to check out the Review Crew.

Sweethearts Review Crew

Want free books to read before they are released to the public?  Reviewers are needed for the Review Crew!!!

  • Need to be a reviewer on Amazon and Goodreads, although reviews at other places are very welcome as well (blog, B&N, iBooks, Kobo, review site, etc)
  • Must be able to use Google Sheet to track reviews, make requests, etc
  • Books are provided in digital format, so must be comfortable reading in mobi, epub or pdf

If you’re interested, The Sassy Sweethearts Review Crew would love to hear from you! 

Review Crew Application

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Please answer the following questions:
Do you review on Amazon? Under what name?
Do you review on Goodreads? Under what name?
What other places would you post reviews? B&N, iBooks, reader blogs, etc?


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