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Magical Temptations: with Brownies

  Its so fun to include food and drinks during the writing of a story –after all, food and drinks are a great part of life, aren’t they? In the case of a SEAL’s Temptation, though, the food gets a little interesting.  Lark’s aunt, determined to bring in more customers to the coffee house, comes up […]

A SEAL’s Pleasure Appetizer Delight

I love recipes, and I love coming up with recipes that tie into the various books I’ve written.  Sometimes its a recipe for a food or drink that is in the book itself, and sometimes its inspired by the book. For A SEAL’s Pleasure, since so much of the story revolves around weddings, I thought […]

Yummy Goodness with A SEAL’s Secret

Mmm, morning after.  It has it’s own special deliciousness, doesn’t it?  Especially when the yummy hero makes breakfast!  In A SEAL’s Secret, Mitch made Livi pancakes, not only giving her a yummy treat, but proving that he’s good for more than one thing in the kitchen. Here’s a peek at the scene – and afterward, […]

Belle & Sierra: BFFs 4ever

I’m loving that Coming On Strong was rereleased with Midnight Special.  Not only because it’s a really fun story that I enjoyed writing, but because it lets me revisit it’s sister-story, Going Down Hard.  I  like all of the characters I’ve written.  I have to spend a lot of time with them over the course […]

Midnight Special: Marni’s Whipped Cream Delight

Mmm, I love whipped cream. So does Marni, the heroine in Midnight Special. Now, Marni’s not much of a cook, generally speaking.  And I’m pretty positive that she doesn’t cook a single recipe over the course of this book. But she does have an awesome whipped cream recipe, and a lot of suggested uses… You […]