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A SEAL’s Pleasure Appetizer Delight

I love recipes, and I love coming up with recipes that tie into the various books I’ve written.  Sometimes its a recipe for a food or drink that is in the book itself, and sometimes its inspired by the book. For A SEAL’s Pleasure, since so much of the story revolves around weddings, I thought […]

A SEAL’s Pleasure Sneak Peek

Did you check out the sparks between Tessa and Gabriel when they hit the pages of A SEAL’s Secret?   I hope so, because they’re back with their very own story.   Out May 1 in digital (April 21st in Print), A SEAL’s Pleasure is all about Romeo.  Here’s a peek: “Now that’s a sight […]

Teaser Tuesday – A SEAL’s Pleasure

I’m so excited that Romeo’s story is hitting the shelves next month!  I have a soft spot for him for so many reasons.  One, he’s a SEAL.  Two, he’s hella sexy. And three, he’s a romantic.  What a yummy combination!!  Want a peek into Tessa’s thoughts about Romeo? Ready to be distracted, Tessa put her […]