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Cheers- Fearless Style

Okay, I admit it.  I’m more a margarita gal (pomegranate margarita, to be exact) than a martini drinker. But it was so fun to test the recipes for the FEARLESS Martini.  Have you checked it out yet?   If you are a martini drinker, there are some yummy recipes in the Girlz Guide, too – […]

Indulgences: Fearless Makeovers

I love makeovers for so many reasons.   In part, I think it’s just one of the great things about being female.  We get to play with our hair, our face, or look.  With a swipe of a brush, we can go from chill to hot, from casual to sophisticated, from fair to fabulous. And […]

Fun FEARLESS Makeover Video

I love this FEARLESS Makeover video for a couple of reasons… First, one of the fun things in the book is the  heroine, Gia’s Cinderella-esque makeover was what gave her the courage to chase her fantasy–and her fantasy guy. Second, makeovers rock. And third, this makeup artist is wicked awesome with his advice 🙂


I’m so excited to kick off the Launch of FEARLESS, my Cosmo Red Hot Read debut.  Not only will there be a fabulously fun blog tour, but also a Facebook Launch Party and a Twitter Launch Party!  All of these will include  I hope you’ll come along for the fun. There is also a makeover […]

FEARLESS Sneak Peek #3

It’s Sneak Peek time!!  Here’s another snippet from my upcoming Cosmo Red Hot Read, FEARLESS. Damn. Luke winced.  What was wrong with him? He had a sweet life. He knew guys like Matt looked at him and figured he had it all.  He was flying up the success ladder three or four rungs at a […]

FEARLESS Sneak Peek #2

So… are you ready for another peek at FEARLESS? “Which brings us to the final question,” Sara said, setting aside her glass and leaning forward in preparation for getting to the down and dirty.  “What’s it going to take to make this happen for you?  What do you need to go for it?” A miracle? […]

FEARLESS Sneak Peek #1

Wanna check out a little peak into FEARLESS? Holy crap, what’d she done? It was one thing to entertain the fantasy.  To wish, in her head, for great sex with a guy she was crushing on.  It was another to invoke a getting’ it session.  If they just talked about it, she could dismiss it […]

My Cosmo Red Hot Read just got Hotter

I am so excited about the release of my Cosmo Red Hot Read (Sept 15th if anyone is keeping track *g*), but I just got even more excited, because we’ve got a hot new title.  Making It just got FEARLESS.  Yes, FEARLESS, baby. What a perfect title for a woman who, seeing her hottie crush […]