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Christmas with a SEAL: More Reviews

I’m so happy to share few more lovely reviews for Christmas with a SEAL… “What a fantastically festive and romantically infused story. Weber steps quietly to the background in this one and allows her story to take readers for a ride. I appreciate the way that her writing style shifts minutely depending on which character she […]

Christmas with a SEAL, Heeeere’s Phillip

I’m so happy to see Phillip’s story hitting the digital shelves this week. Christmas with a  SEAL was fun to write for a few reasons –the holiday theme is always a favorite of mine for one. Also Frankie, the heroine, is such a kick. But this story came with a challenge in the form of […]

Christmas with a SEAL Review Roundup

Here are a few lovely reviews for Christmas with a SEAL: “Beautiful and Touching: How a Broken Man Gets his First Real Christmas:  I like the direction in which Ms. Weber SEALs series has been going in the past few books. Far from being angsty and dark, the author delves more into the characters’ psyches and […]

Teaser Tuesday: Hot First Kiss

Mmm, kisses.  That’s one of my favorite parts of reading romances, and of writing them.  And of life in general, as a matter of fact 😉   There are so many wonderful types of kisses to explore, but in a romance my favorite is always that first kiss.  So much is said in that first […]

Bodice Rippers Review: Christmas with a SEAL

“Fun, Fun, Fun!! Watching Philip unwind and Frankie unwrap.. Another hit with Ms. Weber’s SEALS.. This book entertains!! It doesn’t make you think, doesn’t make you obsess over character bloodlines and plot twists. It doesn’t make you cringe or keep you on the edge of your seat. It just entertains! And honestly, sometimes that’s the […]