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A SEAL’s Secret Sneak Peek: First Meet

One of my favorite things to read in a romance is the first meet.  Followed by the first kiss, the first ‘I love you’, etc.  In other words, I’m a fan of firsts 🙂  Here’s the first meet between Mitch and Livi in A SEAL’s Secret. Mitch met Livi after this exchange with Gabriel (aka […]

A SEAL’s Secret Review Roundup

Here are a few of the reviews so far of A SEAL’s Secret… “If you like a masculine, warrior like SEAL and a shy trainer babe, than you will definitely love A SEAL’s Secret. You will find a lot of laughs, love between family, and moments of joy within the pages of this well written […]

Yummy Goodness with A SEAL’s Secret

Mmm, morning after.  It has it’s own special deliciousness, doesn’t it?  Especially when the yummy hero makes breakfast!  In A SEAL’s Secret, Mitch made Livi pancakes, not only giving her a yummy treat, but proving that he’s good for more than one thing in the kitchen. Here’s a peek at the scene – and afterward, […]