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A SEAL’s Fantasy Review: LASR

“If this book had a play list The Doors “I Love You, Won’t you Tell Me Your Name” would have to be at the top. That’s how perfect the chemistry was between Dominic and Lara. They locked eyes and that’s all it took. Of course, it’s a lot more complicated than that… A wonderful story […]

A SEAL’s Fantasy Review Roundup

I’m so excited to share a few reviews of A SEAL’s Fantasy… “The story is well constructed, solid, believable, very deftly written, featuring the author’s trademark humour, and the dialogue is spot-on.  I am a fan of Ms. Weber’s for very specific reasons and A SEAL’S FANTASY confirms them: her male heroes are strong without […]

Teaser Tuesday- A SEAL’s Fantasy

Since it’s almost time for the release of A SEAL’s Fantasy, I have to share one of my very favorite scenes.  This takes place after Castillo has ‘kidnapped’ Lara (if you listen to her point of view) or ‘rescued her’ (if you’re listening to Castillo), when he tells her she has to stay hidden for […]