Sunday Brunch with A SEAL’s Secret

Mmm, morning after.  It has it’s own special deliciousness, doesn’t it?  Especially when the yummy hero makes breakfast!  In A SEAL’s Secret, Mitch made Livi pancakes, not only giving her a yummy treat, but proving that he’s good for more than one thing in the kitchen.

Here’s a peek at the scene – and afterward, you can get your own copy of Mitch’s pancake recipe.

Livi had forgotten what morning looked like given that she’d spent the last few in Mitch’s arms, sleeping off sexually-induced exhaustion.

     But this morning they’d both woken at six, too hungry for more sex until they’d refueled. But when she’d suggested her usual, a bowl of Greek yogurt and fresh fruit, Mitch had looked at her as if she’d just asked him to wear her panties. Shocked, amused and just a little horrified.

     He’d handed her a glass of juice, settled her on a stool and taken over her kitchen. Until watching a bare-chested Mitch bustling around in her kitchen, whipping up pancake batter and chatting about the holidays, she’d had no clue how sexy cooking could be.

     “You take hot breakfast to a whole ‘nother level,” Livi teased him when they sat down at the bistro table on her balcony. “It’s enough to tempt a woman into wanting pancakes for two every day.”

You can check out the printable version of Mitch’s Morning After Pancakes, as well as many other of my books’ recipes in the Red Hot Readers section.

A SEAL's Secret pancakes