Sex, Lies and Valentines: Romance Junkies Review

When gambler Gabriel Black was on the job, he put women out of his mind, a lesson he had learned from his father, Tobias…one that Tobias had never been able to master. When his father chose a woman over his own children, it was the end. They had all left home and Gabriel had sworn not to return until he had proven he was better than his father. Then, years later, one night while in the midst of a very big deal, a woman had entered the bar where the deal was going down. For once, Gabriel had trouble keeping his mind on the deal. When her date proved to be abusive, Gabriel had come to her rescue, even offering her money to make up for what she had lost from her date. But, moments later, getting lost in her kiss, he was arrested for solicitation…his first arrest


Danita Cruz had grown up with a mother who was a mean drunk, specializing in stolen goods and petty drug deals. Danita’s main goal in life was overcoming her past. Special Agent Hunter had arrested her mother and became Danita’s friend, mentor and unofficial brother, all in one. She had worked three jobs to put herself through college and worked hard to build a career with the FBI. She used her talents and the body she was gifted with to bring down criminals. At Hunter’s request, she had brought Gabriel down, having him arrested for solicitation. But she could not forget their kiss in the parking lot that got him charged. He made her feel things that no one else ever had. She had done it for Hunter, whom she felt she owed everything. However, the golden eyes that had looked at her with passion now looked at her as if she was somehow dirty.


There has been a major crime wave going down, involving drugs and guns and the headquarters seem to be in Black Oakes. Either Tobias was the ring leader or someone was setting him up. There was a big meeting going down in Black Oakes, including five mob bosses and Hunter had managed to get Gabriel’s name on the list of invitees.  Hunter needs Gabriel to go in, be a part of the deal with Danita as his personal hooker and, secretly, his bodyguard. With Danita trying to get the goods on Tobias, Gabriel was hoping to prove her wrong. Hopefully, he can get the evidence to clear his father and to keep information from being used against his brother Caleb and his sister Maya. With Valentine’s Day, which is also Caleb’s wedding day, approaching, Gabriel and Danita head to Black Oakes, where they make themselves known to the goons who have already gathered there, each determined to be the one in power.


Staying with Danita in the same hotel room, Gabriel finds himself falling in love and considering commitment for the first time in his life. But can he prove that his attraction to her is not just another con? Is it time to give up his criminal ways once and for all?


Blistering hot, SEX, LIES AND VALENTINES, the third book and final book in gifted author Tawny Weber’s UNDERCOVER OPERATIVE series, is a witty, sensual contemporary romantic suspense that readers will find impossible to put down until they reach the delightful ending. I absolutely loved this novel and hated to see this trilogy come to an end. Once started, I found it impossible to put this exciting book down. Although the Blacks had an unusual family life, no one could deny their love for each other or the lengths they will go to in order to protect each other. Having had her mother, grandmother and great grandmother brought down by their love for a pretty face, Danita is afraid of following in their footsteps. But she cannot deny her feelings for Gabriel, despite her dilemma over her law abiding, by the book attitude and his criminal lifestyle.


This intriguing read is filled with complex, engaging characters, unusual family dynamics, danger, subterfuge, suspense, sizzling hot love scenes, clever repartee, betrayal, cons within cons, love and new beginnings, making it a story you will want to read more than once. Although it can be read as a standalone, to get the complete picture and add to your enjoyment of this multifarious family who put it all on the line to save each other, be sure to start with the first book, SEX, LIES AND MISTLETOE, Caleb’s story, followed by SEX, LIES AND MIDNIGHT, Maya’s story. Then by all means, pick up this story, SEX, LIES AND VALENTINES, Gabriel’s story. You will not regret it!

— 5 Blue Ribbons Romance Junkies