Sex, Lies and Midnight Review: Romancing Rakes

“Oh that Tawny Weber is quite the writer. Another super sexy read!

Poor Maya Black, she sure gets her life turned upside down. First with her brother Caleb calling to let her know he’s back in their hometown of Black Oak as interim Sheriff AND he’s getting married to the woo woo queen’s daughter. Then she gets a call from an ex-best friend alluding to her father getting engaged to a woman his daughter’s age. On top of all that, a sexy undercover FBI agent enters her life, using her to get to her family.

Not wanting to look like a total loser, Maya needs a super sexy man to bring back to her hometown to prove to queen bitch Lilah Gomez that she’s got someone, Maya sets her eyes on a delicious, tall drink of hello handsome!

Simon knows that somethings brewing in Black Oak. It’s the epicenter of illegal activity and the only way he can get close enough to uncover it is to make nice with Maya. Busting Tobias Black would help his career in so many ways. He’d make his way up the ladder in no time. Little does he know that he’s in for the ride of his life. Poor guy.

Coming to a mutual decision, Simon would run interference with her family and pretend to be her boyfriend and Maya would find him investors for his new venture, they head off to Black Oak. After Lilah taunts her with texts alluding to the fact that Lilah may become her stepmother, she takes it upon herself to bring her father back to his senses. How is it possible that her father, ex-con artist, current motorcycle garage owner, has succumb to the gaudy charms of a lying, two timing, ex-high school best friend?

Someone in Simon’s life comes to check up on him as his relationship with Maya becomes all too real. He’s physically attracted to her and he’s trying to keep it that way but the more time he spends with her, his emotions come in to play. This was not supposed to happen. He was supposed to find pretend to be Maya’s boyfriend while fending off town hussy Lilah, spy on Tobias, make the bust and climb up one more rung on that FBI ladder.

Maya came home to celebrate her brother’s engagement and check up on her father but this southern fried sex muffin going by the name of Simon is a distraction. Heavy lidded stares, electrically charged caresses and sweaty, twisted up sheets are not what she was looking for when she made the deal with Simon.

With the appearance of a fellow FBI agent, Simon must choose between his feelings for Maya and whether or not a promotion trumps them. Simon must join forces with the Black family in uncovering who is behind the smuggling of illegal weapons through their father’s garage.


Breathing deep, mentally breaking down an AK-47 to try and distract his body from embarrassing him, Simon leaned back into the couch cushion.

OVERALL: That Black family is quite a hoot. I enjoyed this book quite a bit. I did have to wonder at the sudden attraction between Simon and Maya. Starting with the night that they make a deal to the sudden “I want to touch you” in the car to the breath taking, super heated kisses, this couple has got it bad for each other. The slight touch of danger and mystery surrounding who has been smuggling guns into the town of Black Oak has be eagerly awaiting the final book in the series. This book is sexy. Super sexy. Seriously, who can resist a man undercover? *waggles eyebrows*” —Romancing Rakes