Sex, Lies and Midnight: CataRomance Review

“Tawny Weber starts the New Year for us with lots of heat with a touch of humor in Sex, Lies and Midnight! What a way to begin the year!”

Maya Nicholas was born into a family know for grifting. For the past three years, she has lived her life apart from her family and followed the straight life, even if it was somewhat boring. However, Maya knows she must go back when it begins to look as if her family may be targeted for a scam. To set up appearances, she needs a boyfriend and decides that Simon Barton would be perfect. Simon is more than happy to help her out. He is with the FBI, a fact he has not shared, and figures Maya could lead him right to her father. He knows nailing him would put his own career moving up. Too bad the longer he spends with Maya , the more he wants to help her. Soon action behind the doors is as hotter than anywhere else. But what will happen when Simon’s secrets and Maya’s become know to the other.

Tawny Weber has created a family filled with charm and singular individuals. It is amazing how many motives and secrets can be packed into such relatively few pages. Maya was only coming home to save the family and wound up finding so much more. The chemistry between her and Simon is so explosive that simple childhood games take on a whole new meaning. Tawny Weber certainly knows how to pen delicious stories, filled with heat, humor and loveable characters. Sex, Lies and Midnight proves again that you cannot go wrong with a Tawny Weber tale.”–4.5 Stars, CataRomance