Quick Six with Nicole Burnham

Please join me in giving a very warm welcome to award-winning romance author, Nicole Burnham! Nicole is here to talk about the first book in her Royal Scandals Series, Scandal With a Prince. So be sure and check out the cover and blurb below. And don’t forget to check out Nicole’s Quick Six interview and answer her question in the comments section below for a chance to win your choice of a print or ebook copy of Scandal With a Prince!


SCANDAL WITH A PRINCEScandalWithAPrince_Final_600x900

“Great food, great sex, exotic locale and royal scandals…Enjoy!” ~New York Times Bestselling Author Christina Dodd

A one night stand. A lifelong obsession.

One magical summer, Megan Hallberg met—and loved—Prince Stefano Barrali. But his royal duties took him home, and when she discovered she carried his child, she also discovered he was engaged…to a beautiful, worldly aristocrat.

Ten years later, Stefano runs into Megan at the grand opening of a Barcelona hotel, and it’s his every sensual fantasy come to life. His memory of the stunning blonde and their passionate summer has haunted his dreams, and a night under the stars gives him the perfect opportunity to reclaim the woman he thought lost to him.

Megan finds herself torn between passion with a prince and a fierce need to protect her daughter. Can the man who captured her heart so many years ago be her destiny…or her downfall?

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Plotter or pantzer?

Plotter. I’m very fortunate to have found a group of authors who brainstorm with me. We meet once or twice a year and work on plotting each others’ books. Each of us usually walk in with a rough idea of what we want to write about, and we usually know our hero and heroine. We go from there. All our brains work differently, so hearing everyone toss around ideas gets stories going in new, interesting directions. It also helps us identify plot holes we might not have seen. I frequently write something other than what we plotted, at least in part, but my stories are much richer for the brainstorming.

Historical or contemporary?

I write contemporary, but read a ton of historicals. I’ve been on a big glom of Lorraine Heath and Julie Anne Long books lately. I’m also a fan of C.S. Harris, Christina Dodd, Elizabeth Boyle, and Julia Quinn historicals.

Print or ebook?

There’s nothing like the feel of a print book. I was one of those kids who lived in the library, so the smell and tactile experience of reading a print book makes me happy. That being said, I’m buying most of my books in ebook lately, simply for the portability and the ability to read on the go without worrying about damaging my print books. I’m also running out of shelf space in my house.

Mascara or lip gloss?

Mascara. It’s a function of being a strawberry blonde with blonde lashes. If I don’t wear mascara, I can be camouflaged simply by standing in front of drywall. It’s not a good look.

James Cameron or Steven Spielberg?

Spielberg. One of my all-time favorite movies is EMPIRE OF THE SUN, one of Spielberg’s lesser-known films. It’s a coming of age movie that stars John Malkovich and a preteen Christian Bale as prisoners of the Japanese during WWII. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend it.

Game shows or reality shows?

If you count Survivor and The Amazing Race as game shows, then game shows. If they’re reality shows, then reality shows. I have watched Survivor since episode one, season one, and am fascinated by the mental and physical challenges of the game. And The Amazing Race is flat-out wonderful. I auditioned once with my father, but we weren’t picked. I’d compete on that show in a heartbeat.


My question for you: Oreo or Chips Ahoy? – Oreos all the way, baby!



Untitled-2Nicole Burnham is the RITA award-winning author of over a dozen romance novels, including the popular Royal Scandals series. The newest book in the series, SLOW TANGO WITH A PRINCE, is out this month. Just in time for the World Cup, it features a sultry South American setting and a rowdy fútbol game. For more on Nicole and her books, visit her site and get her free newsletter at www.nicoleburnham.com.





  • Tonya says:

    Hello Ms. Nicole! Welcome to Tawny’s Blog! We’re glad to have you. I love the sound of Scandal with A Prince and can’t wait to read it. As for your tough question – I like oreos, but I’m going to have to go with Chips Ahoy simply because they have Chips Ahoy White Fudge Chunky cookies that have white chocolate and milk chocolate chips in them. So, on a day that calls for Chocolate, they are the best!!

  • Colleen says:

    I love cookies and Oreos are at the top of my list… especially the double stuffed! Yumm! SCANDAL WITH A PRINCE sounds like my kinda read… thanks for sharing! 😀

  • Cathy Phillips says:

    Hi, Nicole! Welcome! SCANDAL WITH A PRINCE sounds like a must read.

    I like both, but will have to go with Chips Ahoy.

  • cheri says:

    Look forward to reading your books. Gotta go with Mint Oreos, an new obsession!

  • bn100 says:


  • Helen says:

    Hi Nicole

    Love the sound of this one

    I would have to say Oreos as we get them in Australia but I have not had Chips Ahoy 🙂

    Have Fun

  • THERE ARE MINT OREOS?!?! *gasp*