October Red Hot Reader of the Month

There’s nothing as fabulous as a reader… Except maybe a Red Hot Reader!

Check out this fun interview with Michele, this month’s Red Hot Reader.


1. What’s your favorite thing about reading romance?

Ooh..I love how the books make me believe in happy endings and I love reading how the characters find their way to each other. I feel that I connect with them on some level.

2. Other than Tawny, who is your favorite author?

I love Linda Lael Miller. Both of yall I enjoy immensely.I can pick up either one of yall’s books and I know that it’ll be a great read.

3. What type of hero rocks your world?

My favorite hero would be a mix between a bad boy and a hard working rancher.

4. Print or Digital?

Um, I have a lot of digital books because it’s quicker to get the books and my print books are reserved for my favorite authors. 🙂

5. Day or Night?

I’m definitely, a night person. I’ll stay up to read that “one more” chapter. I usually pay the next day by being extremely tired. It’s so worth it, though.

6. Short reads or Long books?

I’ll read a long or short story.

7. Cupcakes or Ice Cream?

I love, love chocolate and cupcakes! We have a place called Smallcakes and I never leave there with just one cupcake

Oh, I want you to know that the first book that I think I remember reading was “Where the Wild Things Are.” I still have it. 🙂


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  • Kelly Wickham says:

    Michelle, I love “Where the Wild Things Are” also! In fact, when my friends children are around 3 years old that book is one of my presents to them. I have about a year and a half before my best friend’s son is old enough for it. Just over ten years ago I gave that book to her daughter and to this day that child love to read! She, in fact, reads to her baby brother all the time. 🙂