NN – CataRom

“Tawny Weber will have you laughing the whole way through Naughty and Nice. Diego considered himself a hot shot detective and could not believe he had to investigate the theft of panties. Add to that a cat with penchant for pilfering Christmas decorations and even Diego cannot always keep a straight face. The games afoot in little Diablo Glen and Diego is just the man to help. Jade knows he is just the man needed and resolves to have him helping her as well – to be naughty.

Nice & Naughty by Tawny Weber is perfect for the Christmas season. It has the magic of Christmas, the joy of a small town, a hot love affair and a little mystery to add spice. Your Christmas will not be complete if you do not add Nice & Naughty to your stocking. Then decide; which do you prefer? Naughty? Or nice?” — 5 Stars, CataRomance