Night Maneuvers: My Personal Favorite Scene

This is my favorite snippet of a scene from Night Maneuvers and it takes place between Aaron Ward and his teammates as they discuss his situation with Bryanna.night-maneuvers

I think one of the reasons this scene interaction appealed to me so much is that it shows their view of women, their sense of brotherhood and the way they rely on each other to work through issues–even non-military issues like falling in love.

“I knew I was going in blind with no intel on the target, but I’d figured the angles. I thought a little judicious use of charm or guilt, whichever seemed like it’d have the strongest effect, would put an end to this article.”

“Makes sense to me,” Torres said, dropping to the floor to sit, knees raised and arms resting there as he gave his complete attention.    “And the results?”

“I screwed up,” Aaron admitted, hating the churning in his gut but knowing no other way to deal with his teammates than full honesty.    “I got carried away. I was blown away. She’s like nobody I’ve ever met. I thought I could handle her, overwhelm her. I was wrong.”

“A lot of women have the power to knock a man back on his ass under the right circumstances,” Prescott said quietly, not looking up from his drawing.

They all ignored Lansky’s interjection of “Naked circumstances.”

“But the right woman? She’ll boggle a man’s brain while she sends his body straight to heaven and make him grateful for every second. The right woman makes everything matter. Makes everything brighter. Even the bad things.”

Prescott was a man with intimate knowledge of the bad things. His pain filled the room, wrapping around them all like a blanket.

Aaron shot a quick look at Lansky, then Torres. He saw the same sympathy in their eyes he knew showed in his own.

They’d all been there when Prescott got married—the newly formed Team Poseidon had stood as witnesses, all eleven of them. They’d celebrated the birth of his son, mourned the loss of young life to circumstances beyond all control. As a team, they’d drank themselves into oblivion when Prescott’s wife called it quits.

It’d been like watching a man get his heart ripped from his chest.

Aaron grimaced, searching for something—anything—to say that’d offer support. But none of them—not even Lansky, a guy known for his serious lack of tact—said a word.

Finally, Prescott glanced up from his drawing and looked from face to face.

“Sorry. Didn’t mean to dredge up the past. Just wanted to point out that sometimes the choice seems wrong. But if the woman is right, there really wasn’t any choice to begin with.”CALLTOHONOR preorder

“Like Bulldog would know if the woman was right after a few drinks and a roll between the sheets?” Lansky laughed. “It’s not that simple and it doesn’t happen that fast.”

“It can be, and it does,” Aaron said softly.”  

So… What do you think? Would you want to read more about these heroes?  

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