• Monday’s Make Out Scene: Going Down Hard

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    Do you love first kisses?  I do – reading them, writing them.  I’m not picky about whose point of view we’re in for that first smooch, just that it is fun to read :-)  Here’s the first kiss scene from Going Down Hard.

    “I wasn’t going anywhere. I was checking my messages,” Sierra excused quickly. Interesting that she instantly honed in on his suspicion. “Is this how you handle security for your clients? By sneaking up and hounding them?”

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    “Hounding? C’mon, sweetheart. You and I both know I might sneak under your skin from time to time,” Reece’s appreciative gaze trailed a caress over that skin, just like his fingers itched to do, “but I’ve never hounded you. You’re just a little jumpy.”

    With good reason, he was about to say. But her sneer stopped him. God, if he wasn’t already crazy about her, that look alone would have sent him over the edge. Pure sexual challenge, the curl of her glistening red lip made crave a taste of the soft flesh.

    “I’m only edgy when some huge, irritating guy follows me around for no reason.”

    “So you remember me as huge, huh?” he asked with a wicked grin, referencing aloud for the first time their little encounter the month before. Up against the wall, no holds barred sex that had kept him awake many a night craving.

    That luscious lower lip fell, just a little, as she stared, speechless. Heat, fast and intense, flashed in her blue eyes. The look, brief though it was, assured him that nothing about their closet encounter had slipped her mind. And, thank god, the swift glance she slid to his zipper guaranteed those moans of pleasure he’d tortured himself with nightly had been the real deal.

    “A huge pain in my butt, yes,” she said, as if she wasn’t looking at him like she’d like to take his zipper down with her teeth.

    How the hell did she do that? More to the point, why the hell did she do it? The attraction between them was right there, so obvious a blind man could see it. But would she acknowledge it? No. Deal with it? Hell no.

    She was driving him nuts.

    Screw caution.

    Furious, although he couldn’t pinpoint exactly why, Reece strode forward. Two steps was all he needed to bring him close enough to feel her quickening breath against his chest. To see her pupils dilate, whether in fury or the desire she denied, he didn’t care. Any reaction other than disdain would do at this point.

         All he cared about was tasting her. Proving to himself that his memories were real.

         Before she could snap out whatever snippy thing burning on the tip of her tongue, he grabbed her shoulders. Pulling her close, he grinned down into her shocked face and made a tsking noise.

         “Didn’t your momma ever warn you about riling a horny bull, sweetheart?”

         Then he took her mouth. Under different circumstances, with a different woman, he’d have gone the gentlemanly route and coaxed the passion from her. With Sierra, he met power with power. He didn’t wait for an invitation. Instead he welcomed himself into the wet heat of her mouth with a swift thrust of his tongue.

         She slapped her hands onto his chest as if to push him away. But one stroke, then two of his tongue and her hands clenched his pecs instead, curling and uncurling like a kneading cat.

         Her purr of pleasure sent him from turned on to rock hard instantly. Tongues twined, lips meshed as he gave over to the heady flash of power. Their kiss was a smooth dance, intense and sexual.

    His hands slid from her shoulders, down her arms to entwine his fingers in hers. Needing more, he pressed her forward until her back was to the wall, trapping her between the wainscoting and his body.

    Their kiss, already hot, went into overdrive. She sucked his tongue into the silky depths of her mouth, the movement mimicking a blow job of epic proportions.

    Reece groaned in desperate pleasure at the image. His dick, already rock hard, strained painfully at the teasing reminder of what it wasn’t getting.

    4 Responses to Monday’s Make Out Scene: Going Down Hard

    1. Cathy P
      May 5, 2014 at 1:05 pm

      How did I miss GOING DOWN HARD?

      • Tawny
        May 5, 2014 at 10:45 pm

        LOL I don’t know? It’s connected to Coming On Strong, though… the heroines are business partners and the heroes cousins :-)

    2. Tracey Parker
      May 5, 2014 at 9:02 pm

      Oh my goodness! I agree how did I miss this book!

      • Tawny
        May 5, 2014 at 10:47 pm

        LOL I’m so glad I posted this, now!!! Really happy to share a different story with you guys.

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