• Monday’s Make Out Scene: Coming On Strong

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     Mmm, kisses.  One of my very favorite scenes to write in a story is the first on-page first kiss.  Since I shared Going Down Hard’s first kiss last week, I thought it’d be fun to share the first kiss (on page, since the couple has a history) from the connected story, Coming on Strong.  Here ya go…

    “Don’t worry, you’ll love working with me. I’m… fabulous,” she purred. The innuendo made Mitch want to whimper.

         “You realize if I give you this contract, sex between us is out of the question,” he tossed out like a drowning man going down for the last time. At least while they worked together, he amended in his head. He wasn’t stupid or delusional. He knew, sooner or later, they’d be doing the nasty. But he planned on calling the shots and working together made it much later than his body wanted.

         “If that’s the way you want it,” she said agreeably. From the wattage of her smile, she was just as happy he’d issued the ultimatum. Damn her.

         Mitch frowned, wondering if he’d miscalculated Belle. She came across as hot and sexy. Her nature, her demeanor and vibe were pure sensuality. Was it all an act? A hot front shielding a cold core? A tool to twist a guy by his dick so she could easily lead him around?

         “You’re fine with that,” he clarified.

         “Of course,” she said, sliding off his desk. With a quick twitch of her hand, she straightened her skirt and made sure her blouse was tucked into the wide leather belt circling her tiny waist. He clenched his teeth to keep from drooling as she bent over to pick up her bag and wished like hell he’d refused outright to work with her.

         He forced his gaze from her ass to the folder, contents and plans spread over his desk blotter. No, he couldn’t regret considering her for the job, seeing as her take on the resort’s events and focus was the most dynamic he’d ever seen.

         He could wish they’d done the dirty on the desk first, though. Mitch stifled a sigh and came around the desk to escort her out.

         Belle turned to give him a wide smile and held out her hand. Seal the deal with a handshake, he supposed.

         When he took her delicate palm in his, she dropped their hands so, enfolded, they rested on her hip. Then she closed the distance between them until her breasts were a hairsbreadth away for his chest. Mitch’s erection returned, rock hard.

         Her gaze locked on his, Belle leaned forward. Up on her tiptoes, she used her breasts against his chest for balance. She wrapped one hand around the back of his neck and gave a gentle tug, pulling his mouth down to meet hers.

         Both fascinated and turned-on, Mitch let her take the lead. She was the most sexually confident women he’d ever met. Yet beneath it all, he sensed the same sweet vulnerability that’d hooked him six years before. The sweetness, he knew, would be his downfall if he wasn’t careful.

    Not willing to show her how strong her power was, he held himself still as her lips pressed, soft and lush, against his. His hands itched to pull her close, to press her tight against his body so he could feel her curves surrendering.

        Then her tongue, so soft and seductive, traced the line of his mouth. A quick flick to the corners, a soft slide across his lower lip. Blood roared through Mitch’s head, drowning out all caution. When her teeth nipped, just a little, at his lip, he lost it.

         His hands dove into her hair, holding her head still, as his tongue took hers in a wild dance of pleasure. Slip, slide, intense and delicious, he gave way to the power of their kiss.

         More, was all he could think. He had to have more.

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