May Red Hot Reader of the Month

There’s nothing as fabulous as a reader… Except maybe a Red Hot Reader!

Check out this fun interview with Patsy, this month’s Red Hot Reader.


1. What’s your favorite thing about reading romance?

How the main characters finely get together. Love to read the give and take!

2. Other than Tawny, who is your favorite author?

Susan Stoker. She writes military romance.

3. What type of hero rocks your world?

Military men. Tough with a big heart.

4. Where is your favorite place to read?

A comfy chair in my room by the window or at my desk on my computer.

5. What’s your favorite reading snack?

Nothing. I’m too busy reading.

6. Print or Digital?

Either comfy chair – print, my desk on my computer – digital.

7. Chocolate or Vanilla?


8. Day or Night?


9. Short reads or Long books?


10. Cupcakes or Ice Cream?