Make Out Monday – First or Last with A SEAL’s Kiss

Ahh, first kisses.  Even if they aren’t the first between the couple I love reading the first between the pages of a book.  But what about the last kiss?  In the book, of course 😉  We all know they go on doing a whole lot of kissing after the story ends!  I thought it’d be fun to do a First Kiss vs Last Kiss post, so here we go…

Since the title seems to fit so well, here’s the First and Last kiss from A SEAL’s Kiss

A SEALs Kiss

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“I’m sorry, babe,” she said, a hint of something in her husky tone that put his senses on full alert. “I know you wanted to keep it a secret. But I’m so bad at that kind of thing, and when Dad asked, I just had to tell him our news.”

     “What news—” Before he could finish his very reasonable question, Sage threw herself into his arms with enough force to catch him by surprise.

     Not over the move.

     He’d come to expect anything and everything from his mentor’s daughter over the years.

     But over the desperation that had her body tight and shaking in her hands as they curved over his shoulders. She was in trouble. And not simple trouble, this time. His body tensed, his hands going to her waist as much to comfort as to hold her in place so he could inspect her face.

     As soon as he touched her, tiny explosions of need shot through him. Ignoring them, he tried to read her expression and figure out why she was pretending to be happy when she looked so deeply miserable.

     Lucky for him his body was good at multi-tasking.


“I told you, we’ve already done the engagement thing. I want to be married before I go back on duty and I only have a three day pass.”

     Sage burst into delighted laughter.

     “I guess I’m not the impulsive one in this relationship any longer,” she realized, loving that.

     “Maybe not.” He swept her into his arms, his mouth taking hers in a hot, wild kiss that made her toes curl. When he finally lifted his head, his grin told her that was just the beginning. “But I promise that for the rest of your life, you’ll be the happy one.”

What do you think?  First or Last?  Which do you think Sage liked best?