Long and Short Reviews: SEX, LIES AND MISTLETOE

“The first chapter promises what the rest of the book delivers laughs, embarrassing moments for both heroine and hero, a mystery slowly unfolding and two unlikely people falling in love despite the suspicions that surround them. There’s not a slow moment in the entire book. Sex, Lies and Mistletoe entertains and amuses in every chapter.

The one thing I look forward to when I read a book by Ms. Webber is the laugh hook. She always manages to have either the heroine or hero experience, say or do something totally off the wall funny and this story does not disappoint.”


Sex, Lies and Mistletoe is a delightful romp that is sweeter than honey and hotter than the hottest hot chocolate. It’s entertaining, exciting and absolutely piqued my interest for which sibling gets their happily ever after next. If Caleb was a tough nut to crack, I can’t wait to find out what Ms. Webber comes up with to get the next one on board the love train. With any luck it’ll be an equally bumpy ride with as good a payoff at the end as this one was. Ms. Webber writes satisfying romance with kick that also makes you laugh and want to come back for more.”

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